The competition in the food and beverage industry is getting tougher. Different names and brands emerge almost every day. Thus, serving unique promotional products in your restaurants or bars would help you get an advantage over competitors. ODM has compiled a list of 100 key products for bars & restaurants. This list can serve as a guide for professionals and business owners. Moreover, this checklist for restaurants also showcases the sheer scope of the work our buying office does.

We have sorted and categorized our products under the following main headings: Staff Uniform / Decor / Utensils / POS Display / Hygiene Products / Advertising / Gifts. We have listed below the different products for restaurants that are worthy to try:

  • Staff Uniform

Your staff work uniform is very essential to your business. It helps in communicating your company branding and identity. In addition, it gives a polished look to your restaurant.  An aesthetically pleasing place and staff would definitely help drive more customers to your restaurant.

Uniform Ideas:

  1. Themed hats & caps
  2. Branded Aprons
  3. Promotional T-shirts
  4. Custom Magnetic Name Tags
  5. Scarves
  6. Belts
  7. Suspenders
  8. Lapel pins/epoxy
  9. Jackets
  10. Towels
  • Restaurants & Bar Decorations

Decor can really differentiate your restaurant or bar from the competition. Choose furniture wisely and customize it well to create a unique look. Have a themed look and know what will attract the right customers.

Decor Ideas:



Products for Restaurants

Products for Restaurants


  1. Table Talkers
  2. Custom Display Letters
  3. Lampshades
  4. Beer Tables
  5. Custom Figurines/Statues/Paintings
  6. Festive/Seasonal Decorations
  7. Custom Menu Boards
  8. Candles Holders
  9. Wooden picture
  10. Able Table
  • Barware & Utensils

Utensils will be used for preparing food – some are also items your customers will touch and use when eating. These can be customized.

Utensil Ideas:

  1. Ice Buckets
  2. Bottle holders
  3. Glass holders
  4. Bottle openers
  5. Coasters
  6. Wine stoppers
  7. Jiggers
  8. Champagne blasters
  9. Beverage Can Dispenser
  10. Custom Branded Coolers
  11. Cutlery
  12. Jugs
  13. Glasses
  14. Cups / Mugs
  15. Trays
  16. Fryers
  17. Knife holders
  18. Pots and pans
  19. Ovens / Microwaves
  20. Blenders / Juicers
  21. Cooking cutlery
  22. Bowls
  23. Breadbasket
  24. Cutlery holders
  25. Napkin rings
  26. Tablecloths
  27. Salt and pepper set
  28. Mustard cups
  29. Oil and vinegar sets
  30. Toothpick holders
  • POS Display Units

POS displays and advertising is a must. The big brand names for drinks often give out such items. Think of the beer brand taps on countertops for example. These can be designed to be unique and creative.  Mobile kitchens are a great idea for expanding your brand & catering for special events.

Display Ideas:


Products for Restaurants

Products for Restaurants

  1. Airships
  2. Serving Tents
  3. Mobile Trailor/Kitchen
  4. Bottle Glorifiers
  5. Flags
  6. POS Counter Displays
  7. Neon & LED lights
  8. Floor Mats
  9. Blackboards
  10. Mascots
  • Hygiene and Safety Products

The Covid-19 outbreak has evidently affected and still affecting people’s lives. The pandemic made them more vigilant and conscious about their health. Though some restrictions are already lifted, it doesn’t mean that people can go back to their old way of living. Since there is still a threat to customers’ health, ensuring that your facilities are safe for them can help you earn their trust. Thus, the following hygiene products must always be present in your restaurants.

  1. Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
  2. Alcohol
  3. Social Distancing Floor Sticker
  4. Tissue Holder
  5. Hair Net
  • Promotional Merchandise

Promotional materials should be planned early on so that they can tie in well with the restaurant theme and message. These are also key for driving customers to your establishment early and generating buzz.

Promotional Merchandise Ideas:

  1. Plush toys
  2. Tattoos
  3. Badges
  4. Magnets
  5. Power banks
  6. Stickers
  7. Puzzles
  8. Figurines Collectibles
  9. Fidget Toys
  10. Balloons
  11. Stationery Items
  12. Tumblers
  13. Guest books
  14. Wine albums
  15. Face Paints
  • Promotional Gifts & Giveaways

Gifts can encourage repeat visits by customers. Big chains frequently use figurines or toys as a gift with purchase, purchase with purchase or redemption promotion.  Check out these useful mechanisms for distributing promotional products.

Gift Ideas:

products for restaurants

Products for Restaurants

  1. Tea Tools
  2. Thermo cups
  3. Coolzees
  4. Mints
  5. Polos
  6. Sweatshirts
  7. Bags
  8. Phone Holders
  9. Puzzles
  10. Bandanas
  11. Pens
  12. Jewelry
  13. Collectible figurines
  14. Candies
  15. Keychains
  16. Balls
  17. Flip flops
  18. Crystal Globes
  19. Card Holders
  20. Desk Organizers

The health and economic crisis are indeed threatening. There are uncertainties and struggles to encounter, yet choosing the right marketing strategies and promotional products can help to recover what you have lost during the surge of the pandemic. We hope that this list of products for restaurants and bars can help and guide you in choosing the best merchandise for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why promotional products are important for restaurant and bar promotion?

Promotional products are very important to all businesses. They serve to help in creating brand awareness and add value to the brand as well.

What are the promotional products that I can use for my restaurant?

There are a lot of marketing tools available in the market today. You can use relevant products such as promotional glasses, branded kitchen wares, novelty merchandise, and many more.

Does customize products can help in marketing?

Definitely Yes! Modifying or customizing your promotional products with your business name or logo can help bring brand awareness. Moreover, it can help your customers to easily distinguish your brand over competitors.