Using promotional products is essential for every type of business to win new clients and raise brand awareness. When it comes to advertising, pens are a popular choice. They are truly useful, especially in the finance industry. Scan your local bank or accounting firm and you will see branded pens for customers to use. Here, at ODM, we love to add a special twist to everyday products and that’s the reason why we love this premium branded crystal pen. It will not only help accountants to target potential customers, but also convey a positive brand message and brand image.

Premium branded crystal pen

Premium branded crystal pen

What are the Advantages of Having a Premium Branded Crystal Pen?

The key to boosting your marketing strategy is to know exactly your target audience. And a good way to retain existing clients and win new clients is by giving them a promotional product. But not just any.

Build a good relationship with customers – A lot of accountants can provide excellent services to their clients. But, only few of them are able to build a good and deep relationship with customers. Giving luxury free gift can definitely help to strengthen the relationship with consumers. Consumers are happy and will always choose your services because they receive cool promotional products.

Boost the brand image – Giving premium gifts as the branded crystal pen would definitely boost the brand image of any business or organization. Customers will be impressed by the high-quality gift that you’re giving. As a result, you’ll give a positive impression because you take care of your customers with premium gifts.

Raise brand awareness – It’s a winning strategy to give customers  gifts because they will possess something with your logo on it. On top of that, if the gift is made from high-quality material and visual appeal, they will use it on a daily basis. As a result, other potential clients will see it and will notice your logo on it. Premium branded crystal pen

Premium branded crystal pen

Ready to Use– It is really annoying when you have to sign important documents but your pens are missing. What makes this crystal pen special is the cap. It has an built-in suction cup that you can attach to any flat surface such as your office table, study desk, and reception area. This will ensure that your pen is always ready to use. Furthermore, you will never have to lose your pen again.


Why this premium branded crystal pen is perfect for accountants?

Material and color – This branded promotional pen is made from high-quality metal. Metal gives off a high-end appeal that suits any corporate environment. Indeed, it is stronger and it offers better durability than traditional pens.  Moreover, this pen is bi-color; white on the upper part and grey or gold or black on the lower part. The neutral colors give a serious corporate image and is suitable for any customer.

Pen Holder – This pen comes with a pen holder made from glass. This useful tool will allow consumers to keep it on the desk as a trophy. Indeed, the glass pen holder adds an interesting visual appeal to your crystal pens.

Crystal – The little detail crystal is definitely the hint of shimmer to this masterpiece. This little piece of crystal will make your customers happy and they will surely appreciate the thought. You can even personalize them by using birth crystals and give them away to your employees and clients on their birthday or as a special personalized employee gift to commemorate your business anniversary.


Employee Gift Idea to celebrate Fight Procrastination Day!

Premium Branded Crystal Pen

Fight Procrastination Day – Premium Branded Crystal Pen

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How ODM can help

Want to invest in this premium branded crystal pen? Feel free to contact the ODM team. Quote product code ODM-2487 when contacting our team. Are you looking for other corporate gift ideas? Our team is here to help you out! We have years of experience in promotional product design, product sourcing, sampling, and manufacturing. In addition, we have a dedicated team of designers that can help with product ideation and design.


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