Nowadays, more and more people’s communication and lives now flow through the continuously expanding network of wireless communications. It may not be uncommon for people to see a mobile phone with a laptop computer or tablet and a landline. Now, there are so many available promotional phone holders with custom printing.

There may even be some that have custom cell phone holders that can assist any business in securing space to advertise on a precious territory that is commonly available: the desk of a prospective customer. Phone holders with logos can come in various models, from highly cheap plastic promotional phone holders, that provide a short-term message to high-quality metal models proudly placed on the desk of highly discerning CEOs.

We have an extensive range of customized phone holder with logos that have a lot to offer for anyone in marketing and business. Our products can effectively get a significant percentage of the people’s focus and attention.

Having a promotional phone holder with a logo can help whenever your phone needs to go to a different place other than your bag or pocket. It can easily hold on to any device whenever you want to become hands-free.

Do you want to know how this mobile accessory works and why you need to have one? Have a break from texting so you can learn all of the facts!


What Are Promotional Phone Holders?

Promotional Phone Holder

Promotional Phone Holder

Promotional phone holders are small-scale objects that can allow your mobile device to get propped up. These have a design that can enable your phone to stay safe and clean as it sits on a hard surface like a desk or a table. It can help you quickly scroll through pictures and watch funny videos anytime you want.


What are the different kinds of Phone Stands?

There are various styles and colors that branded phone holders have. They can be practical, sleek, weird, or quirky. Here is a list of the options that you can get: 


Stress Toys

Promotional Phone Holder

Promotional Phone Holder

Here are fun promotional phone holders with so much personality and are squishy. These can make your phone nicely cushioned, so you wouldn’t need to worry if it could get scuffed or scratched.


Having a great looking PopSocket placed on the back of your phone can be trendy. You can see one in various styles like marble, tie-dye, or covered with dogs on the beach. If you like this idea, check out our blog about mobile phone stands.


Allow your phone to stand away so you can use it later safely. Get a pocket-sized, foldable, and customized phone holder to easily carry it around whenever you are frequently on the go.



Promotional Phone Holder

Promotional Phone Holder

Like the classier relative of PopSocket, rings can allow your device to prop up every time you are watching Netflix, so you can depend on this convenient promotional phone holder with logo whenever you have a lot in your hands.



Promotional Phone Holder

Promotional Phone Holder

Some customized phone holders have adhesives that could either suction or hold onto your phone. It can be relatively easy to have them removed whenever you want to switch up eventually. They are also considered low-budget promo ideas for tech products.


Base or Standing

Allow your phone to get stored in a designated promotional phone holder with logo that you can find on your table. Having this can help you stop texting to stay focused until you have a break.


Suspended Phone Dock

Have your phone displayed like an amazingly designed artwork with a suspended phone dock. It can keep your phone wherever you can see it so that it can be a great piece of decoration for your home.


Car Phone Holder

Promotional Phone Holder

Promotional Phone Holder

Try to avoid holding onto your phone every time you drive a car. Having this branded phone holder can indeed be quite handy as it can hold onto your device whenever you want to hear the music or use the GPS.

In case you want to have a durable and robust customized phone holder, you can have various styles made from the following materials:

  • Soft Plastic
  • Hard Plastic
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Rubber
  • Fabric

Make sure to select a promotional phone holder or stand that would work great for your sense of style and budget. Whatever you choose, you will surely be happy to know that your trusted cellphone has a designated place.


How To Use A Phone Stand

Promotional Phone Holder

Promotional Phone Holder

People often feel attached to their mobile devices, and anyone can have a promotional phone holder or stand used anywhere. They can use it in their bedroom, car, at work, or while in line at the shopping mall. 


Here are situations wherein it would be handy to use a phone holder or stand:

Using the Bathroom Toilet

Despite being gross, many people are using their phones whenever they are on the toilet. Thus, a woman named Anna Brewer got inspired to create a customized phone holder called Wallabox that can fit on the wall of public restrooms.


Getting Engaged in Various Projects

Whenever you are a student or professional who needs to tackle so many projects, having a promotional phone holder with logo can make it easy for anyone to check out two devices at once.


Having to Sleep or Rest

Allow your customized phone holder with logo to get directly connected to the headboard so you can check out videos before you sleep. It can be an excellent solution whenever you want to listen to music or don’t have a TV as you nod off to sleep.


Driving Your Vehicle

Get a promotional phone holder to see your device still while you are driving. It can help you follow the GPS or play your playlist on Spotify without any problems.


Buying Groceries

Whenever you are in the grocery, your hands need to be free so that you can push a cart around the store. Having a customized phone holder with logo on the handle can make it easy for anyone to check out their grocery list without having to bump into anyone.


Doing Work in the Kitchen

Allow yourself to scrub the pans and pots with a promotional phone holder so you can watch videos at the same time. It can even help you follow a recipe whenever you want to try cooking a new dish!


Mowing the Lawn

In case you need to cut the grass, you can easily watch YouTube while doing so by using a customized phone holder. Having this can make your neighbors so jealous! You also wouldn’t need to worry about making your phone fall out of your pocket or dropping your phone on the ground. There are so many promotional phone holders or stands that you can use for any situation!



Allow yourself to get the hole-in-one without having to worry about your phone. Our promotional phone holder will allow your phone to be safe and sound when it gets attached to your golf cart.


The Benefits of Using a Phone Stand

Promotional Phone Holder

Promotional Phone Holder

Having a promotional phone holder with a logo can keep anyone organized and allows your hands to rest. It can help improve productivity and comfort while keeping your phone clean and safe.



Minimize the clutter on your desk by using a customized phone holder so your phone will stay in its spot. Doing this will not make you worry about having it misplaced under any office supplies like folders and notebooks. 



Since smartphones weigh around 0.3 lbs., having your phone held up whenever you watch a video can be exhausting. Allow your device to stay on a branded phone holder so your neck and arms can rest properly.



It can be vital for people who are driving on the road to have a promotional phone holder or stand. Around 1.6 million vehicular accidents occur every year because of using the cell phone. Avoid this by having your cellphone away from your hands that you can safely look at when needed.



Whenever you are working or having class, it would be best to avoid checking out your phone too much as this can make you lose productivity for hours. Get a stand so you can focus on finishing your tasks as your phone is out of sight and out of mind. 

People can benefit from a promotional phone holder with a logo whether they use an iPhone or Android. Make sure to include this on your wish list!


Why You Need to Use Phone Stands in Advertising

The University of Texas at Austin had a study that smartphones demand people’s attention even if they don’t use them. Since people always think about their phones, mobile accessories can attract a lot of attention, especially if they came from a brand they love. It can be true for anyone who needs to advertise like Fortune 500s and non-profits. It would be best to provide various promotional products for business. However, the real winner here is mobile accessories because of these reasons:

The facts:

  • Right now, there are 3.8 billion smartphone users all over the world.
  • By 2022, mobile accessories will have a market that people expect to reach more than $100 billion.
  • A significant percentage (91.5%) of people are uneasy about leaving their phones at home.
  • Around 45% of smartphone users accidentally damage their phones, which is why having a phone holder, case, or stand can provide them a safe place for their device.
  • On average, people touch their phones around 2,617 times a day.
  • Approximately 75.5% of people are addicted to using cellphones.
  • Mobile devices account for 70% of YouTube views, which is why watching those videos will be so much easier if people can do it hands-free.
  • Many people (around 47%) said that they couldn’t live without their mobile device, which is why they bring it to school, work, and everywhere else.

It can be great to have a promotional phone holder with a logo as giveaways for trade shows and fundraisers. Whenever they have a great design, they can also become great accessories to sell in your store or gift shop. This merchandise can become a significant part of your marketing strategy!


The Bottom Line

Since people hardly allow their phones to leave their side, you wouldn’t go wrong with a cool promotional phone holder with a logo as it can keep any device clean, safe, and ready for a Netflix original or funny video.

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Promotional phone holders are objects that prop up any mobile device. These come in a design that can sit on any hard surface so people can scroll through photos, watch videos, and ultimately keep their phones safe.


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Chinese: 促销手机座 (Cùxiāo shǒujī zuò)

Vietnamese: ที่วางโทรศัพท์โปรโมชั่น (Thī̀ wāng thorṣ̄ạphth̒ por mo chạ̀n)

Spanish: Soporte para teléfono promocional

French: Support de téléphone promotionnel

Italian: Supporto per telefono promozionale

German: Werbetelefonhalter