If you are looking for a new desktop promotional product we recommend a mobile phone holder.   There are many creative and innovative ideas that have already been incorporated in this sector and lots of room for new ideas..

This mobile phone holder is designed in the shape of the golf ball serves 3 functions:

  • Holds your mobile phone
  • Relieves stress
  • Attracts sport fanatics

The logo or shape of the stress ball can be modified according to your specific needs and we can help make these in all OEM shapes.

This fascinating phone holder has a high-tech inbuilt sensor which blinks with every incoming call and message – it prevents missed calls or delayed response.  A logo can be printed over the area where light is emitted; a brand impression which can automatically register in consumers’ mind when it flashes.

These are some generic phone holders which are commonly used in the market as promotional products. A bit of brainstorming and a slight tweak to them, and you may find yourself with your very own new and unique and customised promotional product. Let us know what you think!