Emergency mobile phone chargers are a great gift for just about anyone.  Especially interesting for those frequently on the road or travelling overseas.   Phones can be charged any time, anywhere.

Operates on AA batteries, simply change the battery and the charger can be used again. Given its portability, the charger can be carried around simply in bags, pouches, pockets, etc..

Depending on the promotion and country we can offer various phone adapter cables to suit all popular brands of phone.

Not only is it available in a large range of colors, customization by Logo engraving or silk screen printing also optional.

Try this slim charger too if you are travelling with a laptop.  Just the size of a card holder, this charger can be used to charge phone and even camera batteries.  Simply place battery in  charger and slot it to a USB port and the battery will begin charging. Large logo printing area makes this a good promotional product.   Stay tuned for more articles on Solar chargers.