For some time now factories have been adapting speakers and modules into plush toys but these cuddly plush / MP3 players take the designs to the next level!

It stands at only 5cm so these loveable plush toys are portable to bring along for any outings or events. Simply hang them as a key chain or squeeze them into your pocket while enjoying your music on-the-go, without the fear of them having damaged.

Some interesting features to look out for are:

  • Give the plush a little downward squeeze to activate the Play function.
  • Buttons built behind the back of the plush enable you to Rewind/ Forward or adjust the volume of the music.
  • The socket at the plush’s head is used for both inserting of the earpiece and charger.

Moreover, a huge variety of OEM plush animals are available and we can also customise.

Change the designs of the MP3 plush to suit your promotional campaign such as a company mascot or licensed character.   Enter your corporation’s jingle or music into the MP3. Imprint or embroider logos and artwork on the body or accessories.

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