With the new variant of Covid-19, the power of practicing social distancing in malls is more important than ever. Social distancing floor stickers in a huge public place like malls keep everyone safe while working or doing their errands. A Southstart Drug store inside a mall created a safety reminder to its customers through social distancing floor stickers with a convincing statement.

social distancing floor sticker

social distancing floor sticker

As mall owners, our responsibility isn’t just our own safety. We are also liable for the safety of our employees and our customers. Placing social distancing floor stickers isn’t just our compliance to the government but also a sign of commitment to building a safe environment while operating our business. With that said, here are 4 important reasons you should be using social distancing floor decals as we move into a new normal.


4 Important Benefits of Social Distancing Floor Stickers in Retail

1. Social Distancing stops the spread of Covid-19

While the government and the health experts are working on the effectiveness of vaccines for Covid-19, still, the best way to stop the spread of the virus is to maintain social distancing. Wear a mask, always sanitize, and keep 6 feet apart from others.

2. Social Distancing is our social responsibility

The coronavirus has placed a new level of social accountability in front of each of us.  As responsible mall owners, this is our best help to the government in preventing the spread. They are already facing a challenge, we must remain committed to the extra precautions our public health officials are recommending.

3. Social Distancing Floor Stickers help to remind your customers

Customers’ safety must be our top priority. The two most important for every business are its people and their trust. Prevention is always better than cure. Remind your customers that in doing their purchase, staying distant is a win-win for both the retailers and the shoppers.

4. Social Distancing Floor Stickers make your store a safe-zone

In the midst of the pandemic, the last businesses standing are those providing the basic needs of the community and those which are practicing a safe-zone while operating. It is our last wish for our mall to be the previous travel history of a Covid-19 positive. Create a secured business place by using social distancing floor stickers.

social distancing floor sticker

social distancing floor sticker


Where Does ODM Come In?

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