With the recent COVID19 pandemic, we should all practice the good habit of social distancing. In public areas like supermarkets, floor decals are pasted on floors to remind the public to keep a safe distance of 6 feet. Pringles recently had floor advertising stickers pasted on supermarket floors, to remind shoppers to avoid close contact with other shoppers.

Floor Advertising Sticker

Floor Advertising Sticker

This is a great initiative by the snacks company. As not only do the floor advertising stickers are great mitigative measures, they are a great outdoor advertising idea to promote your brand. Also, we think that the design of floor advertising stickers is really creative.  Instead of using the imperial system of measurement, they made use of Pringles cans which is very on-brand and out of the box, or in this instance, a can.


Why is using Floor Advertising Stickers a great promotional strategy?

Gain Brand Awareness

Having creative and well-designed floor advertising stickers will intrigue shoppers and would want to know more about the brand. In addition, they will also remember the brand for the innovative promotion strategy.


Brand Image

Especially during this epidemic, it is important for companies to remind the public about the importance of self-protection and ensuring social distancing. Therefore, floor advertising decals are a great way to remind people about it. Doing this will also give members of the public a good impression of your company as someone who cares about public health and safety.



These stickers can be customisable to whatever shape and size you want. You can have your brand logo placed very prominently on the sticker. Furthermore, you have the creative license to come up with interesting designs such as the one by pringles. For example, we think that an interesting sticker design can be a photo of hot lava or coal so that shoppers will not step on it. It can be a real-life game of the “Floor is Lava”.

Floor Advertising Sticker

Floor Advertising Sticker

Ambient Marketing

Having interesting and unconventional designs like hot lava can also be a form of ambient marketing.  It can be a very effective way of marketing as they are unusual and will intrigue shoppers. Also, some shoppers may take a photo of it and share it online. This can increase brand awareness and may also make your brand more viral.

Floor Advertising Sticker

Floor Advertising Sticker


These stickers are really low cost to make.



The vinyl stickers are very durable and will not get damaged even if may people step on it.  Usually, they last for a couple of months or even years.


Learning Points

Not only are floor advertising stickers are great mitigative measures for COVID19, but they are also a great promotion strategy for your brand. They are durable, cost-effective, unconventional, and easy to set up. Show that you care for people’s health and safety by using them as social distancing measures.


How we can help

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