So you got cool products to sell, but with so many similar-looking products on the shelf, how can you make your customers to notice your brand? One way to command attention is to use a customized retail store floor display. Check out this brilliant example by Del Monte!

Retail Store Floor Display

Retail Store Floor Display

We spotted this excellent retail floor display advertising Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce at a supermarket in the Philippines. This huge free standing display unit is positioned along the aisle of the grocery store so it really catches attention. Furthermore, it is branded from top to the base. This example by Del Monte is truly exceptional. Here’s why:


Why This Retail Store Floor Display is a Brilliant Example of an Effective POS Display

  • Colors Pop – Decked in green, this branded FSDU is truly hard to miss. The color pops and draws attention towards the products on display.


  • Huge Display – Because of its huge size, one cannot miss this point of sale display as well as the products they are offering. Placed along the aisle, it even made greater visual impact that you cannot just ignore.


  • Clear Message – Del Monte’s POS display sends a clear message that is easy to understand. It says “Sarap at Sulit” which means “Delicious and Affordable.” They are currently promoting “Sarap Savers Party Pack,” which, according to their advertisement, can make 20 plates of spaghetti and for only Php 125.
Retail Store Floor Display

Retail Store Floor Display

  • Cost-Efficient –  POS displays are a cost-efficient way to advertise your products. You can convey your message as clearly and as effectively as TV and printed ads at a fraction of the cost. Most importantly, you can reuse merchandising floor displays and replace the adverts attached to them. In this example, you will see that the cardboard adverts are attached to the wooden floor display. After this promotion, merchandisers can still reuse the stand and replace the posters. With this, they are able to make the most out of their marketing budget.
Retail Store Floor Display

Retail Store Floor Display


  • Brand Remembrance – The use of its brand color and custom cardboard display that arches over packs of spaghetti sauce are truly eye-catching. Those who haven’t bought the product will surely remember the POS display. So the next time they go shopping, they will be able to easily locate the said product.


Are you looking to create you own custom retail store floor display? If so, we have listed some tips for an effective point of sale advertising.


Tips for an Effective Retail Store Floor Display

Make it EngagingInteractive point of sale displays are the rage today. By stimulating brand engagement, shoppers are able to understand the company better. This also enhances shopping customer experience, which help in making smart buying decisions.

Offer Gifts – The goal of using a POS display is to drive impulse purchase and encourage repeat sales. But you can make it more impactful if you include your gifts with purchase in your merchandise display. GWPs incentivize shoppers, thus driving them to buy more.

Light it Up! – One of the easiest and fastest ways to make your display stand out is by using proper lighting. LED and neon lights are excellent choices. Light adds an amazing depth and texture to your display. When done right, it could add drama or stir emotions. Not sure whether to use LED or neon? Check out this blog to learn more about them:


Take Advantage of Festivities – Taking advantage of the festivities will help your brand stay relevant. Here are some great examples of festival-themed custom POS displays:

OSIM ushers the year of the pig with their CNY merchandise display.


Check out these festive Christmas POS displays from different chocolate brands:


Eye-catching and intriguing, this CNY POS display by Johnnie Walker is all about texture, depth, and colors.

What We Learned from Del Monte’s Retail Store Floor Display

Del Monte’s retail store floor display is a brilliant marketing strategy to merchandise their products. It is important to ensure that your display conveys your message in a concise and clear manner. Most importantly, command attention and strengthen brand recognition by using easy to remember visuals and catchy taglines.

So are you keen to custom design your own retail floor display? If so, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. The ODM Group has an extensive experience in deign, sourcing, and manufacturing of custom promotional merchandise and POS display units. We can help you grow your business through effective promotional products, brand packaging design, and custom POS displays.

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