We found this interesting promotional floor display inside a grocery store during our trip to Sri Lanka. Decked in green, the large custom in-store display is hard to miss.

Welcoming the customers is a bespoke retail display by Vim, a dishwashing liquid soap brand from Unilever. Upon entering the shop, our eyes are directed towards the bespoke green display. The three-tiered display showcases the products in a visually appealing manner. And below, we share why this merchandising floor display is a fantastic marketing idea.

Promotional Floor Display

Promotional Floor Display


What Makes Vim’s Promotional Floor Display Stand Out?

Bespoke Shape – A large part of the display is shaped like the product container. This calls the attention of customers entering the shop.

Bold Colors – Vim used their signature green color to further create a stronger brand appeal. Customers looking for the said product will easily find them because of the color and the size of the display.

Brand Placement – We love how they maximized the store space by placing the POS display near the entrance and along the aisle. This primes customers to buy one of their products as soon as they enter the store. This serves as a gentle reminder for customers to choose them over other brand.

Promotional Floor Display

Promotional Floor Display


Clear Message –  When it comes to your custom POP display or promotional floor display, it is important to make sure that your message is clear and is easy to understand. One good example: Vim’s point of sale display! Through their bold visuals, they were able to convey their message clearly by incorporating an enlarged photo of their product.


Promotional floor displays are a pretty common merchandise display tool in every brick-and-mortar store. Their visual impact offers marketers opportunities to sell their products in a distinctive manner. However, to achieve great success, there are a few elements that you should consider when manufacturing a promotional floor display for your business.


Factors to Consider When Designing a Promotional Floor Display

1.Consider the Size : What are the dimensions of the display? What is the store floor area? This is important as the size and shape of the display can affect the way customers see the products. In addition, knowing how big the display is can help marketers to fully utilize their space.

2. Capacity and Storage : Knowing the volume of products to be displayed gives you an insight as to what materials would be best when designing your POS display.

3. Mobility and Functionality : Some people prefer incorporating moving parts into their product display while others want simple ones. Are there modular parts? Will they be moved around? Are you considering incorporating LED screens, lights, or wheels? These are important questions to ask yourself before you start designing your display. An assessment will help you manage your resources better.

4. Promotion Period : How long do you intend to use the display for? If you are planning on using the display long term, then durable materials such as wood are ideal. For short promo runs, more affordable options are available such as corrugated cardboard. Moreover, knowing for how long you are going to use the display will help you maximize your marketing budget.

5. Lead Times : A more bespoke display could mean longer turnaround time. Lead times can vary depending on the manufacturing processes involved. Knowing this allows you to manage your time and resources properly.


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