jigsaw puzzle promo

Jigsaw Puzzle Promo

Custom promotional products are a great marketing strategy. For one, it gives your brand a good name because you are being generous by giving a gift. For another, people always enjoy something free! If you find the perfect custom promotional gift which represents your brand, then this means you will stick in peoples’ minds.

It is highly important to have an original branded promotional gift that customers won’t be getting from a competitor. This is because the product will be very interesting to them and they will be excited to use it. The more a promotional gift is used by customers, the more your brand name gets out there and is memorable to people.

As we are based in China, we are closely linked with all our factories so we can ensure we are on the front line for new promo ideas. We recently received this brilliant sample of a jigsaw puzzle promo, a unique and innovative idea which is perfect for a giveaway.

jigsaw puzzle promo

Jigsaw Puzzle Promo

Check out the reasons below why this jigsaw puzzle promo is a great idea for a promotional gift:

1. Fun game – Jigsaw puzzles are fun for all ages and are an enjoyable activity for people to do together. People will really enjoy using your jigsaw puzzle promo which will create a positive memory of your brand!

2. Highly customisable – This idea can be used to suit all target markets. For example, the difficulty of the jigsaw puzzle can be customised to any age and the design can be easily altered.

3. Flexible pricing – This jigsaw puzzle promo can be used to suit all budgets. For example, we have a sleek, branded wooden packaging design here, however cardboard or plastic could also be used. This will ensure a cost-effective marketing strategy for your brand

4. Brilliant design opportunity – The lid of the box and the puzzle itself have a clear space for a brilliant brand packaging design. This means that a very eye catching memorable design can be made for your jigsaw puzzle promo. This will attract customers who will enjoy the design and it will stick in their minds.

5. Brand remembrance – This gift is perfect because it is an item which people will spend a lot of time with while they work out the puzzle. This means people will really remember your brand.

Here’s how we can help you

We are always bringing new promo ideas to the market from our factories and also our experienced design team. We make sure that we are always ahead of the game so to make sure people have new and innovative products. Send us an enquiry now to find out how we can find the perfect promotional gift for you!

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