Christmas is a big part of the year for the majority of industries, therefore a marketing gift may be your perfect tool. Despite the fierce competition in all industries, there are just some companies that managed to stand out. How does one brand separate themselves from another? Offering a marketing gift is a great way to entice the customer. It offers a small preview of what the brand is about and encourage further custom to purchase those extra Christmas gifts!

So how will a chocolate puzzle be perceived as a marketing gift?

Its time to get creative! Everyone likes to see something different, creative and unique. Its not everyday you see a box of chocolates filled with the contents of a puzzle!

Marketing gift: Cadbury's Puzzle

Marketing gift: Cadbury’s Puzzle

The Cadbury’s Roses box of chocolates can be interpreted as a typical confectionery gift during the Christmas period in the UK. So why not use two products in one? This then answers one of those big questions during the family gathering period of Christmas in which board games are usually being played. Don’t worry, you don’t completely miss out on all the chocolate as the puzzle pieces together to create all of your favorite Roses chocolates, just with less calories!

This design can be expanded to any other Christmas item such as candy canes and chocolate coins, also closely related to Christmas in the UK. What is to stop this puzzle idea becoming 3D? A 3D puzzle within this box would definitely create along of interest and buzz from the crowd!

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