It can often become tricky to find the perfect marketing gift to represent your brand. Competition is fierce so it is definitely a time to start being creative in your campaigns.

EGG and HAM, a perfect marketing gift or giveaway?

The kitchen industry is booming, cooking classes, programmes and books are becoming far more popular. After all, we will all be using the kitchen at some point in our everyday life. Fred and Friends use this classic design targeting the use of the frying pan in particular.

Everyone has had that point where they need to scrape something off the frying pan whilst being cautious not to scratch the bottom of the pan. The egg in this kitchen combo is the perfect size and shape to help you scrape off those foods that become stuck to the pan. On the other hand, the ham part of this combo has a wider use, made from silicone and  heat resistant to those scalding temperatures.

Marketing Gift: EGG & HAM

Marketing Gift: EGG & HAM

This design presents clever aesthetics in connection with the use of the kitchen such as the typical use of the frying pan being closely associated with egg and ham. This simple design can be expanded to wider uses within the kitchen, many tools and appliances are a necessity in the kitchen. Why not make those boring mandatory tools a creative giveaway?

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