Hong Kong Megashow is a trade show that occurs every year, and it is one of the biggest in the world when it comes to Promotional items. I am going to introduce you a product we have seen there, and no matter what your business is, the USB Lighter can be relevant for any kind of industry.

USB Lighter as a Promotional Product

USB Lighter as a Promotional Product

First of all, what is a USB Lighter? Everybody knows what a lighter is. As a promotional gift it is a good item, since it is easy to put a logo on it, and consumers who receive it are likely to use it on a daily basis. Nevertheless, some people are unwilling to offer Lighters to their clients because it is perceived as a dangerous product because of the flame it produces and the gas in contains.

Let me now introduce you a new invention: the USB Lighter. Basically, it is no more than a real lighter, it is actually less, since there is no flame and no gas. How does the USB Lighter work? In order to charge it, you just plug it on your computer. Once fully charged, which takes about one hour, you can use it eighty times before it turns off battery.

Why would the USB Lighter be a good promotional product for your company?

As said above, it has all the good characteristics of a random lighter, without its bad aspect since USB Lighter is not dangerous at all (a child would not be able to use it thanks to the protection over the hot spot). But this is not all. Indeed, have you ever seen this kind of lighter? This is a highly innovative product, which is widespread neither in Europe nor in Northern America. By offering this USB Lighter to your consumer, your company would benefit from this image.

As a conclusion, the USB Lighter is a very good promotional item, through its characteristics and thanks to its highly innovative image. So the question is now : what are you waiting for?