The Perfect Chocolate Marketing Ideas for the Festive Season!

With the Christmas season coming right up, we have been seeing more and more new Christmas themed campaigns! Most recently we came across this display by Ferrero Rocher in a Singapore supermarket. Find out how to use these chocolate marketing ideas to leverage your sales for the festive season!

Chocolate Marketing Ideas

Chocolate Marketing Ideas

Chocolates are extremely popular during Christmas, hence it is important to stand out from your competitors in such a saturated market. Hence, the first part of any successful chocolate marketing is how the chocolate is being displayed!  There are several ways to display chocolate in a retail store, one of which is using a POS display.


Chocolate Marketing Ideas for The Festive Season

Ferrero, indeed never fails to inspire us with awesome chocolate marketing ideas every year. So, how did the brand enticed us with their display and gifts? Here are some of the features to take note of when promoting chocolate during this festive season.



POS displays are a great way to showcase your chocolates by making sure it is visible to shoppers. This Christmas POS Display is shaped like a sled. It’s decorated in traditional Christmas colours – gold, silver, and red. There are also makeshift gift boxes incorporated into the shelves on the sled.



This giant Ferrero’s POS display is big enough to showcase all the different types of chocolates by the brand. This allows for a variety of chocolate options for customers to choose from when browsing the display. As a result, it also encourages customers to try some of their chocolate brands.



This chocolate POS display was placed at the entrance of the store, creating an interesting focal point. It immediately grabs your attention with its size and its shiny gold colour. This helps to attract customers to take a look when entering the store! It is a great example of how to position your POS Display strategically.

With the increased brand visibility, consumers will be able to take notice of your brand and it will also attract new customers by incorporating Christmas-related props into the POS display. This also helps to boost sales and increase profits!

Chocolate Marketing Ideas

Chocolate Marketing Ideas

Here is another remarkable chocolate marketing idea from Ferrero.

Gifts with purchase are a great way to market chocolate during this Christmas season! They go hand in hand with custom retail displays. One of the popular promo items during this season are snow globes. Ferrero Rocher’s Christmas promo gift of snow globe helps to encourage impulse purchases in combination with their POS display.

Chocolate Marketing Ideas

Chocolate Marketing Ideas

The use of the custom branded snow globes is a surefire way to get your brand name into people’s homes!

Take, for example, Ferrero’s branded snow globe. It will help to increase brand recall when consumers see it daily during the festive season. Additionally, snow globes are very versatile and can be made from many different materials. The most preferred materials are glass and acrylic.

Chocolate Marketing Ideas

Chocolate Marketing Ideas

How ODM Can Help You:

Now imagine your company using a unique marketing mix for your chocolate promotions? Your brand exposure would be phenomenal. Here at The ODM Group, we specialise in promotional marketing gifts and POS displays. This means we can help you design, source, and manufacture snow globes and display fixtures customised with your brand logo, colors, products, and more. Do not hesitate to contact us for your next marketing campaign!


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