Why Did Kit Kat Use this Dynamic Duo for Their Chocolate Promotion?

We recently came across this chocolate promotion at a Cold Storage Supermarket in Singapore. This unique display is for KitKat, a well-known chocolate bar brand by Nestle. They were also having a gift with purchase chocolate promotion, which consisted of 2 packets of Kit Kat which came with a collectible Minions insulated bag.

This GWP involves giving customers the chance to get their hands on a high quality insulated bag after purchasing 2 packets of Kit Kat products. Therefore, making it an excellent method of encouraging customers to make large purchases. Moreover, it rewards them at the same time, which in turn, gives them more value for money.

chocolate promotion

Chocolate Promotion


Why Do We Love Kit Kat’s Insulated Bag?

Having an item like the insulated bag branded with the minion character is a great choice. Offering a high-quality product provides more reasons for customers to take advantage of the chocolate promotion. Here are some benefits that your brand can gain from a great promotional item like this:



The insulated bag for a GWP idea is great, it is practical and will be an item used frequently. Especially with the design, kids may also want to use it as a lunch bag. Insulated bags make great promotional gifts because they help solve one specific issue: keeping items hot/cold all day long. This helps to increase the value of the product as well.



Overall, the insulated bag design and materials can be tailored to fit your own brand and customer preferences. In this particular case, Kit Kat chose to use an animated character to help promote their chocolate bar, since the new movie “The Rise of Gru” will be showing soon.


Attract customers

An insulated bag with such an eye-catching design and of good quality is sure to attract customers. In addition, KitKat also used a unique POS display to help boost brand visibility. Ultimately, nothing makes customers happier than getting free gifts. This GWP will help persuade customers to buy the product, as it is also seen as a value for money.


Stimulate sales

Using a promotional item will drive brand awareness and encourage customers to purchase your items. Customers are always looking for new products to try. So what can your brand do to encourage them to take the leap? Offer them a gift with purchase or an on-pack gift. This is why we think KitKat’s promotional campaign is very effective.

chocolate promotion

Chocolate Promotion – POS Display


What Do We Like About Kit Kat’s Unique POS Display?

Increases Brand Awareness

A unique in-store display is a great way to gain brand awareness and attention. In this case, Kit Kat’s display is in the shape of a van, with the Minion characters driving it. Such an interesting display is sure to be talked about by customers when they are in a supermarket. In addition, Minions are a widely adored character from the movies, so it is sure to attract the attention of movie fans as well.



Most often customers enter their shopping trip with products already in mind that they intend to buy. Kit Kat creates an eye-catching display using a cute van design, which is clearly associated with the Minions. This is very effective because the design is loud and appealing, and in a place like a supermarket, people are more drawn to things that catch their fancy. With an eye-catching POS display, your brand would stand out among the rest because products are neatly displayed and not overwhelming for shoppers.


Boosts Sales

This custom POS display can increase profits in the long-run. This is because it engages customers and piques their interest. In addition, the combination of the attention-grabbing design of the POS display as well as the GWP will be able to successfully trigger impulse purchases, which can boost product sales for the company.

chocolate promotion

Chocolate Promotion


How Can ODM Help You?

At ODM we have significant experience in product design, sourcing, and manufacturing. We can help you with your marketing gifts and promotional displays. Our team will make sure to maximize your budget effectively through efficient product sourcing and design services. Be sure to contact us if you are interested in finding out more about how we can help you grow your business through high-quality promotional gifts, POS displays, and product packaging.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What would be the perfect gift for a GWP promotion?

It depends on your industry but always keep in mind to offer something useful for your consumers. A gift that will make your customers happy and allows you to create with them a deep relationship. You can choose to offer a complimentary gift.

How can you make your POS display more appealing?

Make use of bright and appealing colours as people are attracted to bold and eye-catching colours. It is great to make the logo distinct to create more brand awareness. You can also use a theme to make it more interesting and relevant. We also suggest to light it up to attract shoppers.

What are POS displays?

A point-of-sale display is a form of sales promotion that is found near, on, or next to a checkout counter. They are intended to draw the customers' attention to products, which may be new products, or on special offer, and are also used to promote special events.

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