Gift with Purchase Idea- How Is Nestle Winning the SG Market?

Everyone is always looking for new ways to market their business more effectively. However, sometimes innovating on a tried and tested technique is better. For this blog, we’ll be taking a look at how effective Nestle‘s gift with purchase idea is and how they pulled off this campaign to stand out from the rest.

Nestle gift with purchase

This campaign aims to promote Nestle’s new product Fitnesse Granola Oats with Quinoa, almonds, and chocolate. Tapping the power of social media, many people took on the challenge and enjoyed the use of the augmented reality filter.

Why Nestle’s Gift with Purchase Idea is Effective?

Use of QR Code

Instead of putting the gift with purchase item into the same packaging as the main product, Nestle has arranged a contest-based gift-with-purchase for customers to participate in. Basically, customers have to scan a QR code to get the instructions for the contest and post the video on Instagram and tag the Nestle Instagram account @nestlebreakfastcerealssg and three friends on their own post, while including these unique hashtags #QuinoARChallenge #NestleFitnesse.

Nestle gift with purchase

When scanned, the QR code leads to the Nestle’s official IG account:

Gift with Purchase Idea - Neste Breakfast Cereals SG IG Page

Gift with Purchase Idea – Neste Breakfast Cereals SG IG Page


Here is the complete mechanics to obtain the gift

Gift with Purchase Idea - Neste Breakfast Cereals SG IG Page

Gift with Purchase Idea – Neste Breakfast Cereals SG IG Page


Exclusive Contest Rewards

Nestle is offering four different styles of felt organizers. We also love the leather tag sewn o each of the organizers. Moreover, they are designed with their customers in mind. Stylish and very useful, it is something consumers of this generation would be proud to carry around.



We think that this gift with purchase idea will surely engage their audience, ensuring that they have fun while earning a chance to win a free product. Millennials and Gen-Zs – the internet generation- are the main target market of this promotion. As such, including QR codes makes the contest easily accessible to its customers.


Increasing social media presence

By having their contestants tag at least three people and use unique hashtags for the competition, they are increasing their social presence on Instagram. This helps to not only make more people aware of the gift with purchase competition, but it also allows people to be aware that Nestle has an Instagram account where they can get updates on new products and developments.

Nestle gift with purchase


Taps Into Customers’ Competitive Nature

People are competitive by nature and this is why promotional contests work. Normally, under normal settings, we would get the GWP after buying the product on sale, right? However, for this campaign, customers need to participate in a challenge. So this adds another variable that compels customers to not just buy their products, but also participate in a fun challenge.


The GWP Ideas are Very Useful

Practical and stylish, the felt sleeve organizers look more like an exclusive product from their favorite brand rather than a promotional item from Nestle. Furthermore, they generate more impressions with their cool designs and flexibility.


Benefits of Gift with Purchase:

  1. Boosts conversion. Customers are more likely to buy your product as they perceive that they are receiving a higher value item by purchasing yours instead of other similar products.
  2. Attracts customer loyalty. By giving your customers marketing giveaways, freebies, and rewards, you’re showing that your business cares more about your customers beyond the regular confines of a customer-business relationship which will help to increase customer loyalty in the long run.
  3. Adds brand value. The purpose of a gift-with-purchase is to provide more value to your customer. Although customers love discounts, a gift can increase the perceived value of your brand. As such, they are more willing to shell out money no matter how expensive the main selling item is just to obtain the gift.

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Frequently asked questions:

What is gift-with purchase?

It is an item that is offered free in addition to the product a business is selling. They are inexpensive and sometimes work great with the product being sold

How does gift with purchase boost sales?

Studies show that positive emotions toward a brand or seller have a great influence on decisions to buy and consumer loyalty. Creating a reward system triggers an emotional response in the buyer

What type of items should I use as gift with purchase?

We recommend that you use items that complement the main product and are relatively affordable.

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