Are you in the real estate industry and would like to boost your engagement with clients? 2021 is just around the corner, but we are positive that this year will be a good one for realtors. We feel that now is the right time to plan your next campaign. So we have rounded up some of the coolest and useful real estate promotional items for 2021 to inspire you to “Close that Deal”. Check them out!


1. Chopping Board

You may not realize how much promotion a custom chopping board can do for you. Simple and small, they create a strong brand impression whenever they are used for a few minutes every day. The board can be made from plastic, wood, and even food-grade silicone.

Real Estate Promotional Items - Cutting Boards

Real Estate Promotional Items – Cutting Boards


There are many reasons to love a cutting board. A kitchen must-have, you are guaranteed daily exposure with an everyday use product. Real estate companies may offer a branded chopping board as a housewarming gift, or a thank-you gift for trusting them.

2. Promotional Snow Globe

Who does not like to play with a snow globe? As kids, we get an indescribable satisfaction from shaking the globe and watch the snow cover the tiny house inside. Snow globes may be more decorative than practical but it opens up tremendous brand engagement. Especially, this Christmas, snow globes would make a special gift for your clients even if they have settled in their houses for months now. Doing so helps retain existing clients and gain new ones.

Real Estate Promotional Items - Snow Globes

Real Estate Promotional Items – Snow Globes


3. Custom Drink Coasters

You can never go wrong with coasters. We love to offer guests drinks. As such, coasters make an excellent gift that a real estate agent can give to their clients. There are plastic, cork-based, wood, ceramics, as well as paper pulp coasters so customization is fairly easy.

Real Estate Promotional Items - Branded Coasters

Real Estate Promotional Items – Branded Coasters

There are also multifunction coasters that have a charging and warming function. So warm beverages stay warm while they also charge their mobile devices.

Coffee Promotional Item-Creative Promo Idea Silicone USB Cup Warmer

Real Estate Promotional Items – Multi-Function Coaster


4. Silicone Oven Gloves

The year 2020 saw a surge in the sale of baking and cooking tools. People now have a lot of time in their hands to learn how to bake and cook. So silicone gloves are definitely among the hottest trending gift to offer for next year. If you are interested in this product, quote product code ODM-2326.

Real Estate Promotional Items - Silicone Gloves

Real Estate Promotional Items – Silicone Gloves

Silicone is slip-resistant on top of being heat resistant. So this is perfect for cooking, baking, grilling, and serving hot dishes.


5. Pet Products

For clients with pets, products such as pet toys, food containers, and grooming kits can be excellent gifts. This shows that you are also thinking about their fur babies, too. As such, it positions you as a family and pet-loving company.

Real Estate Promotional Items - Pet Products 2

Real Estate Promotional Items – Pet Products

check out this silicone dog bowl for pets. The inner part can be branded with your company logo. It is made from silicone so it is proven safe and sturdy. Quote product code ODM-1737 when contacting our team.


6. Silicone Food Bag

A silicone food bag is an ideal open-house and trade show gift. Food-grade silicone food bags serve as a great place to keep leftover food. Equipped with a sealing clip, this is also perfect for traveling and picnics. Like this one? Do quote, ODM-2380 to learn more about how we can help you source and customize these products.

Real Estate Promotional Items - Silicone Food Bag

Real Estate Promotional Items – Silicone Food Bag


7. Vacuum Sealer

Promotional kitchen gadgets such as vacuum sealers are a cool real estate gift to offer. They ensure the freshness of perishable goods inside their fridge. They can also be used to seal bottles of wine to retain the quality of remaining wine.

Real Estate Promotional Items - Vacuum Sealer

Real Estate Promotional Items – Vacuum Sealer


8. Promotional Bag Clips

Here is another cost-effective yet impactful open-house marketing giveaway to offer prospective clients: food bag clip. Although small and very simple, subtle branding makes it very effective in promoting your company. We, people, hate pushy selling, correct? Hard selling seems almost intrusive. But simple items like this make a mark without really forcing us to buy or use their services.

Real Estate Promotional Items - Branded Food Bag Clip

Real Estate Promotional Items – Branded Food Bag Clip

Fairly inexpensive, you can order lots of branded magnetic food bag clips and still get the most bang for your buck! Think of how easy clients will remember you when they see the clips stuck on their fridge or being used to close leftover chips.


9. Tool Kit

When thinking of a “moving day” gift for your clients, it is always important to consider their preferences, interests, and background. One of the best gifts to offer would be a tool kit. There is always a high chance that new homeowners will need a screwdriver or a hammer the first time they settled into their new homes.

10. Memo Board

Memo boards are a great addition to any home. Homeowners can post bills, recipes, meal plans, and receipts onto the memo board.

When it comes to memo boards, you want something that is not only high-utility but also something that adds value to your client’s living space. Check out these bespoke shape memo boards for inspiration:

Real Estate Promotional Items - Memo Board

Real Estate Promotional Items – Memo Board


11. Emergency-Use Items

Multifunctional flashlights, rechargeable lights, custom branded umbrellas, and chargers are fantastic gifts for the real estate sector. Nothing makes clients and agents happy than receiving high-utility gifts, and the company will also get tremendous impressions out of these products. This is because people tend to have a more favorable response to brands being advertised on emergency-use items. People see these brands as being “reliable”.

Real Estate Promotional Items - Falashlight with Logo

Real Estate Promotional Items – Falashlight with Logo


12. Pens

Custom branded pens are always highly-appreciated. Get your contact info printed on the pen to increase your chances of being remembered by potential leads. They can end up in an office worker’s desktop, car, pockets, and kitchen. We suggest offering something that is out-of-the-box such as lava pens to increase your company’s memorability. For closing deals, our suggestion would be high-end ones like pens with crystal. Check out your options here:

13. Keychains

Old school promotional items such as pens and keychains are always great marketing giveaway options for the real estate industry. Inexpensive and easy to manufacture, they allow you to make the most out of your marketing budget. Plus, clients easily carry them around – attached to their bags, keyrings, and whatnot.

Real Estate Promotional Items - Keychains

Real Estate Promotional Items – Keychains

Multifunction ones are gaining attention due to their multiple functionalities. Keychains that double as stress balls are also popular thanks to the additional benefit of a stress toy. For the above item, ODM-7483 is the product code.


Bringing It All Together

When it comes to planning your real estate promotional items, it is critical to identify the purpose of the gifts, advertising benefits, as well as the interests and preferences of your target market to ensure that you are getting more out of your marketing budget. You do not want your gifts to end up being tossed in the garbage bin, do you?

Classic promo gift items such as custom promotional pens, branded keychains, and picture frames are proven effective in driving ROI. They are inexpensive, yet are used every day so they give your brand daily exposure as powerful as TV and print ads.

Or, if you want something a bit high-end, multifunctional promotional products and kitchen gadgets are ideal. New homeowners will surely appreciate your gifts because they provide solutions to their everyday needs.


Contact ODM

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We can help source, design, and manufacture marketing gifts, unique packaging ideas, and POS display units. Contact ODM today. You may also want to check some of our favorite blogs below for more inspiration.


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