Based on Allied Market Research, in 2019, the home decor industry was significantly valued at $616.6 billion, and by 2027, it is estimated to grow to $838.6 billion. With the recent global health crisis where people are staying at home, this is not surprising. The rise of plant enthusiasts has grown more than ever as well amid the pandemic. As the interest in branded home decors and plant parenthood grows, it only makes sense to take advantage of this business. Now, customers are switching from plastic to more sustainable custom home decor pots: ceramics.

branded home decor

Ceramic VS. Plastic Pots

With the statistics about the home decor industry today, researchers and marketers also noticed the drastic change from customers’ buying perspective. Customers are now switching to ceramics for a more sustainable and durable home decor design and aesthetics. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Branded Home Decor

Branded Home Decor

Advantages of Ceramics

  1. Beautiful. Ceramic pots are unquestionably elegant-looking. Its sleek design and mirror-like finish make it stand out. So, it will surely add sophistication and class to any house.
  2. Durable. Since ceramic pots are made of a mixture of earth minerals, clay, and water, it is undoubtedly sturdy. Branded home decor ceramic pots are uneasy to break.
  3. Sustainable. Environmentalists choose ceramics over plastic pots. Unlike plastics, ceramic pots are not harmful to nature. It is also safer for kids and pets at home.

Disadvantages of Ceramics

A bit more expensive. Let’s face it, with where ceramics are made, it is surely a bit more expensive than plastic pots. However, it is also a better investment if you want long-lasting branded home decor.

Advantages of Plastics

  1. Affordable. Plastic pots can be made of PVC, synthetic resin, or polyethylene. These materials are not expensive compared to clay or ceramic pots.
  2. Easy-to-move. For customers who try various styles at home, plastic pots would be recommendable. So, it will be easier to move in case there’s a change in the interior or exterior design.
  3. Easy-to-hang. Unlike ceramic pots, plastic pots are easier to hang.

Disadvantages of Plastics

  1. Low in durability. In this case, since the pot is only made of plastic, there is no guarantee that it will be usable forever. Colors and style would probably fade. Thus, not a wise investment for branded home decor.
  2. Non-Eco-Friendly. Of course, plastics are definitely not of help to the environment. Since it is not durable, the expected outcome is to throw it. And the next thing we know, it has contributed to our plastic pollution problem.
Branded Home Decor

In Conclusion…

Ceramic pots – though a bit more expensive – are still a better option when it comes to the aesthetic and functionality of branded home decor. The striking and colorful designs will surely get homemakers talking about your brand. Moreover, they will always remember your company as one that offers cool products!

Branded Home Decor

Branded Home Decor

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