What makes a store shelf display attention-grabbing to customers? What makes them stop checking the products in custom shelf displays? Would you like to know how to boost more sales through on-shelf display marketing? Sit back and relax as Whisper loudly reveals its five secrets why its point of purchase merchandising is making a loud statement. And how it added more sales to them.

Point of Purchase Merchandising

Point of Purchase Merchandising

Whisper or Always, an American brand of menstrual hygiene products such as maxi pads, ultra-thin pads, pantyliners, disposable underwear for night-time wear, and vaginal wipes. Its original brand name is Always but sold under the name Whisper in Japan, Singapore, China, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, and Malaysia. Whisper’s supermarket shelf display in the Philippines caught much attention. As one of the leading feminine care brands in the world, what can we learn from their in-store marketing?


Shelf Store Display: The Whisper Challenge (5 Secrets Revealed)

So, here are the 5 reasons why Whisper’s point of purchase merchandising is striking to shoppers:

1. Selling points are presented well.

Whisper used a custom hangsell display to showcase its products. We love how they presented their products’ selling points superbly. On the top part of the retail store display, Whisper shows the advantages of the products being featured.

Their designer made sure that this will catch the customer’s attention from the rear perspective. Therefore, shoppers who will pass by this aisle will surely notice the display. What can you learn from this? When it comes to point of purchase merchandising, make sure that you’re able to present the benefits of the advertised products to boost engagement and ultimately sales.


2. The On-Shelf display design is flawless.

Whisper’s designer was able to come up with a fleek retail shelf display layout. Its colors pop that shoppers easily distinguished it from their competitors. So, consult a designer when creating a POP display design that will make your brand stand out.


3. The on-shelf Display is just the right size.

Not too big, not too small. Whisper’s retail shelf display size is absolutely ideal. The size didn’t dominate the whole area but enough to look elevated.


4. Eye-level marketing is strictly followed.

Whisper fully know the importance of eye-level marketing. We all know that eye-level marketing is the most effective place inside a retail store. Shoppers are most likely to buy products that are placed within the eye level since they notice them more easily than the other products displayed on the lowest and highest parts of the sheld. Therefore, it is the most ideal place for every product you want to advertise.


5. The retail shelf display outstands other competitors.

As retail owners, we should know that the purpose of point of purchase merchandising is to communicate with buyers at an eye level and stimulate impulse purchases. This marketing strategy is greatly essential in selling new and featured products, and promoting discounts. Whisper’s retail shelf display was able to stand out from its competitors by using this form of advertising.

Point of Purchase Merchandising

Point of Purchase Merchandising


Our Takeaways

Whisper has been in the business for more than three decades and still getting a lot of conversions through their effective point of purchase merchandising. This also proves that every part of the shelf can be utilized to push more sales.

One thing to remember though, we must consider the overall design. Different products, different designs. You should also be able to adapt to the current trend and needs of your consumers. One good example would be contact-free display marketing to minimize the need for touching dirty surfaces.

As business owners, continue to innovate. But don’t you worry. You don’t have to do it alone. Here at ODM, we have extensive experience in creating POS displays that match your brand. With the help of our creative team, Mindsparkz, we can help you come up with store displays that are guaranteed to boost your sales. Contact us today!


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