Reimagine Display Marketing with Contact-Free Sampling during Covid-19!

The current Covid-19 climate and increased demand for healthcare products have affected plenty of businesses and brands in every way possible. However, that should not be the reason to stop incredible display marketing enactment! This new challenge simply provokes us to think more innovatively and enthusiastically to adjust to a consistently evolving world of changes. 

With that said, let us introduce to you ODM and Mindsparkz’s newly designed contact-free POS display for effective product merchandising! With the incorporation of the team’s innovative and creative design skills, the contact-free sampling display allows the dispense of free or charged product samples to customers.  We are jumping on the bandwagon to bring an effective sampling solution to the community. 

Display Marketing

Contact-Free Display Marketing Machine

How do you operate this contact-free POS display/machine?

To ensure that the whole product sampling station is fully contact-free. The ODM Group has thought of ways to best suit that concept. Starting with a fully automated hand sanitizer custom product dispenser station. The main product of course will be the contactless POS display or machine!

Here are some proposed ways or options:

  • Sensors 

As seen from the image, the hole at the bottom of the machine is fully open with no doors or flaps to keep it contact-free. Thus, sensors can be built around the collection area. Customers can just put their hand in as if they are collecting a dropped product and the sensors will sense it. Similar to a vending machine! This causes the machine to drop one of the product samples onto the customer’s hand. Simple ain’t it? Fully automated and fully contact-free.

  • Rolling Mechanisms 

This machine can also be fully cardboard with a slide to suit the rolling mechanism concept. Customers can simply pick up the sample product and it causes the display to drop or trickle more products down automatically to fill up the empty space. A cheaper alternative to the sensor option if you are looking to save cost! 

Most importantly, always remember to sanitize first before getting the product samples.

Display Marketing

Contact-Free Sampling Sketch

Why are these machines great for display marketing?

  • Safe and Practical

With Covid-19 cases on the rise due to the new strain of the virus, it is keeping everyone on their toes. Therefore, this newly designed machine ensures all processes are contact-free from sterilizing your hands at the hand sanitizer station, walking up to the machine, to getting your product. By preventing customers from touching the machine with their bare hands and maintaining social distancing assures others that it a Covid compliant marketing tool safe for use. 

  • Ease of Use

The display marketing machine is fairly simple to use. With no buttons or touchscreen options for selection, there are minimal steps in getting their hands on the products. Companies simply have the option of choosing how they want their machine to be operated – Rolling or Sensors. Furthermore, the machine can be wheeled from place to place and shifted however you like with a locking wheel mechanism to stabilize the machine in place

  • Customizable Options 

When it comes to POS display units, no design idea is too outrageous for a custom POS display. Be it height, color, or shape, they can be customized to shape your vision of the company. The customizability of these contact-free sampling displays provides you with a wide range of options to maximize your retail space. Additionally, any design or information can be printed onto the body of the machine/display. It ensures that your brand gets a chance to stand out in the crowd from its competitors. Furthermore, with the feature of it being contact-free, you can opt for the different variations of contact-free operations! – as mentioned under “How do you operate this contact-free POS display/machine?”. 

  • Attention-Grabbing 

The perfect POS display idea will guarantee businesses stand out from the endless aisles of products. The size and design of the contact-free sampling display is most definitely a sight for sore eyes, capturing their attention almost instantly! Moreover, with the contact-free display designed to combat Covid-19, passers-by are likely to head over for a peak. Hence, it will surely increase your customer base and drive up sales! Additionally, customers will feel included as companies have thought of ways to ensure their safety during promotional or marketing campaigns. Certainly the perfect display marketing strategy. 

Display Marketing

Contact-Free Display Marketing Machine

Key Learning Points

Living in a time of a pandemic, businesses and companies should really invest their time and effort in innovating new ways to make sampling products safer and enjoyable for everyone. Furthermore, this sampling process minimizes direct contact with others compared to the traditional way of employees giving out samples! Undeniably, the perfect display marketing tool for large-scale trade shows events, exhibitions, and many more.

Essentially, once everything returns back to normal, contact-free sampling will still be a spontaneous idea for events of large crowds! With all the factors added up above on the POS displays, it will definitely increase the allure of your company brand. Therefore, the contact-free display marketing method will certainly improve your business, contributing to soaring revenue from increased sales! 

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If you are interested in helping your company stand out in its industry during the Covid-19 pandemic, contact ODM today! We can help you with On-pack promotion, Gift with Purchase, In-store displays, POS Display Units, and many more. Surely, it will wow and appeal to many shoppers.

We have helped many established brands throughout the years and they are pleased with the end results. You can see our portfolio here: Promotional Gifts for Food Industry or Marketing Gifts for Drinks Industry.

Also, we have an in-house design team, Mindsparkz, that can help with innovative branded promotional products and promotional product designs for your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business through the use of effective display marketing!

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Frequently asked Questions

What are the different types of POS displays?

There are many types of POS but the most used in retail stores are mobile POS, tablet POS, Terminal POS, self-service kiosk POS, etc.

There are many types of POS but the most used in retail stores are mobile POS, tablet POS, Terminal POS, self-service kiosk POS, etc.

Point-of-sale displays are essential marketing tools for successful businesses. POS displays attract the attention of customers in many different retail environments. If you haven't tried using POS displays for your products, you're missing its huge benefits.

Can I get a product sample before mass ordering the contact-free displays?

Yes, most definitely. Sampling is extremely important and products will be quoted with qualified prospects before doing so. However, do note that additional fees are needed for samples. Contact ODM today to get more information on product samples!

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