Celebrate Valentine’s with Baileys’ Supermarket Shelf Display!

With Valentine’s Day just a couple of months away, it is a great time to start planning out your marketing campaign for this special day! Most recently the interns in Singapore came across a Baileys Treat Bar Display. It stood out to us due to its incorporation of the display into a normal grocery store shelf.

supermarket display shelf

supermarket display shelf

What Do We Like About Baileys’ Campaign?

Distinctive and Unique Supermarket Shelf Display

Instead of using a traditional cardboard POS display, Baileys’ actually incorporated their display into a grocery store shelf. This is interesting as typically most displays are standalone from grocery shelves. However, this display is different in that the visual merchandising display, made from acrylic casing and pink cardboard, is integrated into an existing display shelf.

This will definetely attract customers as it is not often that they come across a pink grocery shelf. In addition, Bailey’s incorporated a treat bar design into the display. It is sure to stand out amongst other ordinary shelves.

supermarket display shelf

supermarket display shelf

Baileys’ Promotional Packaging

Baileys’ campaign includes a promotional package containing 2 different flavours – Red Velvet Cupcake and Original. By providing a bundle option, it helps to encourage customers to try out their red velvet flavour.

Additionally, the bundle comes in a custom packaging with the tag line “Treat Bar”. It is decorated with designs of sundaes and coffees. The custom drinks packaging also has a plastic handle and is designed to withstand the weight of the products. It also makes for a great gift set!

supermarket display shelf

supermarket display shelf

Our Takeaways

Bailey’s unique supermarket display shelf is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Because of how they are incorporated into the shelves that are already there, the choice of color and materials ensures the display to stand out! It is also placed at the end of the aisle, thus ensuring customers will see your products as well.

In addition, the layout of a treat bar showcases how the product could be used in a Valentine setting. The use of acrylic for the display in contrast to plastic also shows high quality, which can affect the way people perceive their brand.


How can ODM help?

ODM has years of experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing high-quality POS displays, custom POP displays and free-standing display units.  Boost your in-store marketing with a marketing POS display today!

We also have a design team, Mindsparkz, that can help you come up with new, unique, and innovative promotional product ideas. Contact us today!


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