Finding your morning starter should be quick and easy, as it is the mood setter of your day. Rich knows this and practically boosts their brand visibility with this freestanding display stand spotted on a supermarket in Russia. Let us show you how effective a POS display is and how it can promote your brand to stand out too.

Freestanding Display Stand

Freestanding Display Stand

Why We Like This Freestanding Display Stand So Far:


Rich chose a freestanding display stand that is made from plastic. It is an excellent material for in-store displays as you won’t have to worry about your product’s protection. This stand supports high-value items and offers a great viewing option for your customers. You will be at ease as it is not vulnerable to everyday wear and tear and comes with a water-resilient feature. Rich provided a shelter for their products that will surely last for a long time.

Minimalistic but Eye-Catching

This is definitely a great factor when it comes to custom display stands. Most of the time, simple yet alluring stands can pull customers’ attention and check its product. Potential buyers and fans of your brand can also have an idea of what your stand looks like, thus increasing brand awareness. Rich incorporated a minimalistic stand display design in promoting their product, making it easier to differentiate from others.

Freestanding Display Stand

Freestanding Display Stand


As Rich caters to beverage products, it is crucial to find a shelter that is alluring and functional at the same time. This freestanding display stand functions well as a beverage display rack according to how high-value the product is and reflects the brand’s commitment to serving sophisticated and discerning customers who enjoy life in all its forms and choose the best.

Increases Product Visibility

Like getting your morning starter with Rich juice, where you should find it quick and easy- it is important to market your products where they can be more discoverable and seen by shoppers. This pos display idea is easy to locate and gives a visual impact that increases the product visibility, boosting up your revenue.


To Sum It Up

Rich boosts up their product promotion with this freestanding display stand. Ready to make your brand stand out too? We can help you with that!

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