Maggi is currently promoting its new line of seasoning called “All in One Sauce“. They have set up a branded freestanding display rack at some of the strategic points of the store. Sighted at a grocery store in the Philippines, this POS branding scheme has got us curious about the product.

Free Standing Display Rack

Free Standing Display Rack


Why We Love this Freestanding Display Rack by Maggi

  • The Color Reflects their Brand: Maggi’s signature color is yellow and it is important to keep their branding consistent all throughout their packaging and freestanding display rack as well.
Free Standing Display Rack

Free Standing Display Rack


  • Right Size: The freestanding display rack is just the right size for the products. In addition, they are not too big to block the way.


  • Strategic Location: Location is very important in ensuring that your product display gets enough eyeballs. The checkout counter, near the entrance, center aisle, and front aisle is the best location for free standing display units. And Maggi got that right. Since they are promoting a new line of seasonings, they took advantage of the major locations of the store to be seen.


  • Quality: Made from plastic, it is a sturdy type of POP display. My guess is, it can last anywhere from 6 months up to more than a year. It is a great investment because the benefits will certainly outweigh the cost of producing this durable display.
Free Standing Display Rack

Free Standing Display Rack


  • Visibility and Impulse Purchases: What is great with this branded FSDU is that it not only made the products stand out, but it also did a great job self-selling the products to customers. It is very much accessible so customers are encouraged to grab a pack or two of their seasonings as they go.


Our Key Takeaways

As demonstrated by Maggi, a freestanding display rack is a fantastic retail display solution when you want to introduce new products to your customers. Because they are standalone displays, they ensure that your products enjoy undivided attention from customers. Positioning is also key to ensuring that customers see your products.

Most importantly, the display should always be of high-quality. Whether it is made from cardboard, wood, or plastic, the display should always be sturdy enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. It should be durable enough to house your products. This is because the quality of your display could also affect the way people perceived your brand.

All in all, we can say that Maggi has been successful in introducing their new products and it is thanks to their clever POP display marketing strategy.


How ODM Can Help You with Your POP Displays

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