Custom Shaped Bag by Maggie 2

How the Custom Shaped Bag is packed.

Hurry down and get this really cool custom shaped bag by Maggie in Hong Kong’s Welcome supermarket! Get something that stands out from your competitors. This custom shaped bag is really different from the typical type of promotional gift found in supermarkets. This custom shaped bag is practical and holds high utility value even after its purchase. This makes it extra attractive to the consumers as they can use it over and over again after the initial purchase.


Custom Shaped Bag by Maggie 1

Custom Shaped Bag by Maggie

All you have to do is carry this tiny fold up bag and when you’re at the cashier you can amaze everyone when you transform that tiny object into a bag. The great thing about this product is that can be made is a wide range of colour to suit your corporate image and even theme, if any. To grab even more attention, have an outstanding design on the bag or use really bright colours to capture the attention of the people around the user.

Boost sales with custom shaped bag!

Custom Shaped Bag Closed

Custom Shaped Bag Closed

With this custom shaped bag being used practically everywhere, it will allow the brand to receive a high visibility rate. In turn, this will also increase the brand awareness. With that, more people will be informed of the brand, especially when it is being used in heavy human traffic areas.

You may choose to have this custom shaped bag made in recyclable materials. By doing so, the company’s corporate social responsibility will rise. The company will also gain a good image to the public due its effort in being involved in the green movement.


Custom Shaped Bag Opened

Custom Shaped Bag Opened

This marketing gift is one with a simple functionality. However, it will definitely be of great use as a marketing strategy. This is because a simple product like this is easy to manufacture, furthermore, at a low cost. With that, this bag would be very attractive to marketing managers out there. Minimum cost and maximum profits, this product offers just that.