Due to the competitive nature of the sauces industry, it is crucial for brands to capture attention with an effective marketing effort. Maggi has achieved this with a creative on-pack offer in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.  This one has great utility value and is shiny/reflective in the light.   Not madly inspiring though….

An on-pack offer can be a strong marketing tool in attracting consumers’ attention. This is because the product will stand out and is more likely to attract the customers’ attention. Ultimately, this could help improve brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Maggi Sweetens Things Up with an On-Pack Offer

Maggi Sweetens Things Up with an On-Pack Offer

Why Should You Use On-Pack Offer for your Products?

  • Customer Retention: Customers will be pleased with the free gift when they purchase the product. Moreover, they will be more inclined to purchase more of the same product in the future.
  • Increase Market Share: When a customer receives a gift with purchase, they will develop a sense of loyalty towards the brand. Therefore, this will increase the brand’s market share and reduce the odds of the customer switching to a competitor’s brand.
  • Cost-Effective: The free gift can be produced at a low cost, therefore requiring low marketing budget. Due to the increase in customer retention and market share, sales will consequently rise in the long run. This would lead to profitability for the brand.


In conclusion, the on-pack offer is a creative marketing tool used by Maggi. Moreover, brands can improve the on-pack offer by changing the on pack bottle necker frequently. This would help maintain customers’ loyalty towards the brand in the long-run. As the customers will be more pleased to receive a different free gift rather than receiving the same free gift.


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