Here is a good example of a successful limited edition DVD pack. Last years blockbuster movie The Dark Knight Rises collected a massive $1,067 in takings from the box office. After success in the box office,  the limited edition broken cowl combo pack was released December 4th 2012. Movie buffs who were lucky enough to get their hands on the package had a pleasant surprise. Included in the limited edition pack were the following movie merchandise items:

  • The journey of Bruce Wayne
  • The batmobile documentary
  • Ending the Knight – an in depth look at featuring some 17 featurettes of how Nolan and his production team made the The Dark Knight Rises.
  • Alternative trailers and art galleries.
  • AND FINALLY – a replica model of the broken mask from the movie. The special aspect here being that the mounted mask model is in fact the packaging for the DVD set.
Limited Edition Packaging on Box Set of The Dark Knight Rises

Limited Edition Packaging on Box Set of The Dark Knight Rises

How Special Packaging on Limited Edition DVD sets add value to Movie Franchises

After a film has hit the cinema and the fans have all been impressed, what then? Hardcore fans will then go on to buy the DVD release and then eagerly await any possible sequel. By offering a limited edition set to remember the film by, a movie franchise can increase its revenue and impress its fans. After all, the movie business is all about the fans. Value is added to the set byoffering bonus material, gifts and unique custom packaging. Custom packaging  is often the central factor that excites the fans. As seen in the Batman example, the mounted mask is also the DVD case. The DVD case then makes a stunning table top collectible item with sentimental value to the customer as well as monetary value as it is a limited edition release making it a rare item.


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