We all know that successful companies cover their displays in POS branding, the question is why? It’s because they understand that in order for customers to regularly buy their products, they need them to remember their brand. Colgate has recognised the benefits of this ingenious strategy and is using POS branding to advertise their toothpaste.

What can POS branding do for your display units?


This custom branded display really pops! The unique shape of this display which caps the cosmetics aisle has a resemblance to a bookend. The way this design neatly rounds off the shelves of bathroom essentials will bring joy to any perfectionist. The unmistakable bright red and white colouration and logo of this amazing gondola end ensures that customers know this display belongs to Colgate. Therefore, this design will make it easy for returning consumers to locate their favourite toothpaste, as well as ensuring that Colgate’s brand stands out to prospective customers.

POS Branding

POS Branding



  • Creating an effective branded POS display design is simple. However, there are many aspects of the display that need to be considered to send the right message to your customers. For example, Colgate cleverly added an image of an athletic woman on their display. Therefore, customer’s will associate her powerful and healthy appearance with the benefits of their toothpaste. As a result, customers will subconsciously believe that Colgate’s toothpaste will keep their teeth strong and in tip-top condition for the future. Additionally, this hangsell display has been added to the retail pop display to show-off deodorants by Colgate’s parent company Colgate-Palmolive. This is a clever tactic because once customers are drawn to the branded display, they will see these complementary which they may have not previously known they needed!
POS Branding

POS Branding


Brand Remembrance

  • This POS branding makes it easy for customers to find the product. Additionally, when consumers spot this large bespoke pop display, not only will they be influenced to purchase Colgate’s products, they’ll also feel comfortable buying products from different brands in the same display because they already have an established sense of trust with Colgate and believe that they would have validated any other products they advertise. In addition, Colgate will significantly increase its brand awareness to prospective customers. This is because the eye-catching display will intrigue shoppers as it breaks the norm of what they expect to see on their daily rounds. As a result, the surprise customers feel when seeing the display and its branding will ensure they remember Colgate’s promotion.


POS Branding

POS Branding


How could this display be improved?

  • LED Display – As toothpaste is designed to help whiten teeth, it would be a great opportunity to add LED lights to the display because it will boost the perception of how bright customers’ teeth should be after using the product.



  • Promotional gift with purchase – Colgate could use gifts with purchases to boost this promotion. As a result, not only does this incentivise customers to buy the products in return for a reward, but it also adds value to the promotion. For example, Colgate could offer their Colgate Toothpet toy for children to play with, or even an hour glass toothbrush holder so they can time how long they are brushing their teeth for.



In Conclusion

POS branding can do wonders for your promotion. Its versatility will allow you to decorate any display with your brand. Not only will this boost brand visibility, but it will also make it difficult for customers to forget Colgate’s promotion. Additionally, you can strategically place these displays in shops, at events and in other locations to maximise the potential profits from this unique idea. Furthermore, when you place several promotional items inside these FSDU displays, you can increase the likelihood of customers making multiple purchases.


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