Toro has just released new touch-screen and virtual pay vending machines in Vietnam. These innovative appliances no longer require users to fiddle through small change or decipher a complex list of ordering codes. They ensure customers get the right product without the hassle of carrying cash! Here’s why we love this custom branded display:

So what are the benefits?

Custom Branded Display

Custom Branded Display

  • Appeal – This bright design really pops! Toro has found the balance of pairing vibrant colours together so the machine stands out to customers, but have also kept them subtle enough so it does not look like a cheap attempt to look noticeable.
  • Understandable – As each step has been placed in cascading shades of orange to red, the readability of the instructions is very lucid. As a result, customers can easily identify the process in which to order their desired snack. Additionally, the use of white for the product area and orange for the ordering area really helps divide the two sections.
  • Nostalgic – The vivid and cartoonistic style makes these vending machines / point of sale displays share an incredible resemblance with childhood toys! The combination of colours and bold shapes will lure anyone who is young at heart to give them a go!
  • Engaging – When the machine is dormant, an eye-catching advertisement by Toro appears in this screen to attract any onlookers in the vicinity. Consequently, Toro has increased the likelihood of reeling in any unassuming daydreamers who would have initially walked past the machine! 
  • Customer Satisfaction – This machine really simplifies the ordering process of past vending machines. We all know that feeling of exultation where you have just enough change for your favourite snack. However, when you place your coins into the contraption, one or two mysteriously vanish! Instead of being included, they are not counted towards your purchase. As a result, you are left in dismay when you are unable to indulge yourself with your rightful treat! But now the game has been changed because these new machines include a virtual pay option. This means you’ll never have scramble through loose change again!


In Conclusion

Overall, this custom branded display by Toro is a great way to move the on-the-go snack market into the future! These intuitive vending machines as POS displays will appeal to the masses because they will limit the number of incorrect orders being made, whilst reducing the time taken to receive your well-deserved snack.

Unfortunately, Toro has not taken advantage of the huge branding opportunity space available on these machines. The reason is that even though they have created a great design, their logo is only shown on a tiny black strip at the bottom of the appliance. An additional drawback of this promotion is that whilst fitting the dispenser door, Toro has cut off the brand name of the soda which is being advertised. This mistake breaks the look of this otherwise well thought out design. Therefore, even if they didn’t want to display the brand name, it should have been removed completely to avoid confusion from customers trying to identify the product.

There is a growing trend of using an external custom electronic display or POP display to advertise products. Toro has reinvented this idea by including an electronic advertisement screen within the design of the machine itself. This means Toro doesn’t have to waste time and space to transport and set up extra displays to advertise their products. Another consideration to boost the futuristic design of this display could be including an LED custom display on the product side of the machine.


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