We all know that trade shows are essential spots for advertising your brand. However, many companies struggle to get the attention they deserve because they do not create an engaging display for their customers. This is not the case for Luzhou Laojio. They created an amazing example of how to combine unique retail display ideas to promote their National Cellar 1573.

Unique Retail Display Ideas

Unique Retail Display Ideas


What Unique Retails Display Ideas Are There?

So now you know why it is important to create a unique merchandising retail display, but where do you start? There are endless ways to customise your promotion and taking the first steps can be quite daunting. However, once you’ve created your first essential pieces, adding onto them is easy. Here at ODM, we think designing these following fundamentals is your best option!

LED Signs

Unique Retail Display Ideas

Unique Retail Display Ideas

  • LED lighting & advertising signage – Using LED signage is a great way to highlight your promotion! It will make your products stand out from competitors. As a result, you will distinguish yourself and significantly increase the chance of customers recognising your brand from the crowd. LED signage is versatile, it can be significantly altered to best to suit your product. For example, creating an LED sign which resembles a Pan Chang Knot was an ingenious idea by Luzhou Laojiao. Not only will they gain respect from customers who understand the meaning behind the symbol, but the striking branded signage will also grab the attention of any passerby.


Custom-made Display Stands

Unique Retail Display Ideas

Unique Retail Display Ideas

  • Bespoke display stand and Amazing FSDU design – Creating a tailored stand to present your products is a great way to show off the nature of your promotion and the potential styling options are unlimited. Therefore you can design truly bespoke displays for your next promotion. For example, you could create a barrel themed stand for a wine promotion or even a formula 1 car for racing events! Luzhou Laojiao has designed a modified Chinese lantern display to showcase their National Cellar 1573. As a result, customers immediately associate the product with the ancient and rich culture of China and assume it will share similarities with traditional drinks of the country. Therefore, this is a great way to invoke memories from individuals that have travelled in China or those who just really love Chinese drinks.


Unique Product Wrapping

Unique Retail Display Ideas

Unique Retail Display Ideas

  • Bottle Packaging Design – Crafting a bespoke bottle cover Luzhou Laojiao’s strength lies in knowing how to effectively target their consumer base. They have strategically paired the colours gold and red together on their bottle design and display. The combination of these colours represents luck, prosperity, freedom and many other meanings in China. As a result, many locals will be inspired to buy their products as a gift for their family and friends, or maybe even themselves! Any individual lucky enough to receive such a wonderful gift will make sure to tell their loved ones about the experience and when they ask where it was from, they’ll be able to find the stall immediately from the matching display colours immediately.


Become a trailblazer with this additional futuristic display idea!

We’ve all grown up watching movies that promised us a future of virtual reality. Therefore, with the release of these advertisement holographic devices, it seems like the future is here! Therefore, no longer will sales representatives need to describe how your products will look, your customers will be able to see them first hand. To see this product working, check out this blog!


In Conclusion

Combining different elements of unique retail display ideas is a sure-fire way to impress your customers. Therefore, creating a bespoke display for your target market or product will ensure it appeals to the values of your customers which will definitely be recognised. As a result, they’ll feel a connection with your brand which will increase the likelihood of them making a purchase and discussing your products with friends and family.


ODM could help you create your very own unique display!

Do you want to make the most out of your next promotion with a bespoke display? Look no further than ODM! ODM has a specialised group of designers that will be able to cater to your various needs. Our team will be able to help you every step of the way to ensure the best experience possible so contact ODM today!


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