When looking at advertising signage for your business, ODM has experience with Business LED & Neon Signs.  Neon signage has an old and very retro feel to it, but the technology is not very Eco friendly.  Despite LED technology being more expensive up front, it is much cheaper in the long run and therefore very much the option for most clients.

LED signs offer a very effective and affordable way to advertise your company 24/7.   Some key features to bear in mind…

  • LED signs offer flexibility in your message – You want to be able to change your message? An LED sign is the right choice for you. Whether you want to advertise a sale or to let prospective customers know your hours, you will be able to do it with an LED sign quickly and easily. This is a wonderful advantage over neon signs, simply because you cannot change the message with a neon sign.
  • LED business signs use less energy than a neon sign. You can understand this simply by the fact that they never heat up wasting heat energy. Even though your sign is on for 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, you will find that your LED sign will remain cool to the touch, which means that it will use up to 75% less energy than the neon sign. This is a great thing for your electricity bill and for the environment; by choosing LED light you remain faithful to your environment.
  • You can even customize shape of your sign to match your business needs. LED message signs come in many different varieties, shapes, colors, design and sizes – You will be amazed at the different options that LED signs offer. This can allow you to choose every detail of you LED sign as well as matching it with your budget to ensure that it will completely meet your needs. The right sign is just as important as what you put on the sign; it has a huge impact upon your business. If it is not the right size or style, it will not be seen from the road that you are trying to target, so keep that in mind when you are choosing your custom LED sign.
  • Open LED signs can advertise for you all day, every day – You can allow the LED sign to advertise your business every single day, all day, and this may not be the case with neon signs. This will mean that you can reach customers even while you are sleeping, with absolutely no effort from you!

ODM can provide you LED Lights and other POS systems to integrate with them to create a maximum promotion effect for your business.