4 Ways to Intensify Outdoor Signage Displays with Storage Cabinets

Outdoor marketing is one of the most neglected aspects in businesses in the past years. Business owners thought that this ain’t working until outdoor signage displays come in. The combination of innovation and strategic planning made this custom design storage cabinet for outdoor display highly efficient for businesses today.

With outdoor marketing ideas, you can deliver your message to a wider group of people, so higher sales become more possible. This part of your business shouldn’t be left behind.

Outdoor Digital Signage Displays

Outdoor Signage Displays


Introducing: The Most Innovative Custom Design Storage Cabinet

The use of technology keeps businesses coping with the trend in the market. An outdoor display like this creates a strong impression on the mind of the customers. So, let’s find out why this should be your next business project.

  • Customizable

Let’s start here. We can’t deny how amazed we are upon seeing the design of this storage display. It is like bringing your product into a life-size object and filling it with your premium merchandise. Retailers use outdoor displays to entice customers to come inside the stores. But this one step up to a higher level. This outdoor display can be customized to look like your product. You may place this outside and use it as a storage of your products. Shoppers seeing this will be enticed by your outdoor promotional products. It is possible in different sizes, colors, and designs based on your brand or preference. 

  • Storage Feature

Displaying products outside without proper security is like inviting thieves to get your products. That’s a bit scary for you, right? Especially if you place your best products. Well, this outdoor display signage comes with a storage feature. You can keep your merchandise safe from the direct heat of the sun, rain, and from thieves. It will give you a peaceful mind while doing your business throughout the day. 

Outdoor Signage Displays

Outdoor Signage Displays

  • True-to-Life Designs

Do you want an outdoor display marketing that will be easily noticed? Well, you will never go wrong with this one. Its life-size design will surely captivate people’s attention. Even passersby who don’t have an intention to buy will automatically stop upon seeing this display. Therefore, you must really start working on getting this one for your business. 


Outdoor Signage Displays

Outdoor Signage Displays


Benefits of Outdoor Signage Displays to Businesses

Now, let us show you how you can improve your business as you set the standards higher for outdoor marketing.

1. Establishing Brand Identity

The customer’s first impression plays a huge role in catching their attention; hence, it is necessary to exhibit a positive impact of your brand to them. The innovative display can establish your brand identity. It reflects your company’s philosophy and vision. It also says something about your status, credibility, and, the difference from the other brands. In addition, well-made signage displays portray the brand’s uniqueness and positively impact the customers. This is highly recommended for drinks marketing, oil industries, and, any liquid products. 

Outdoor Signage Displays

Outdoor Signage Displays


2. Greater Brand Retention

Outdoor signage display with storage cabinet feature can build great brand retention among the customers. Even the passersby would surely entice to look for the product and make a purchase with the aesthetically appealing display. The greater brand recognition, the easier it to engage your customers with your products, which can result in their purchase decisions. Let’s say you have a new drinking product that is about to launch. It would be a great idea to have a life-size design of that drink and place it outside. People from afar will recognize your product. And that is the start of your marketing to them. 

Outdoor Signage Displays

Outdoor Signage Displays


3. Better Engagement of Customers

The outdoor signage display is an apt tool in conveying the brand’s messages to your customers. This can help to give the basic information and concerns that the customers want to know. The life-size custom design of your product can give a great explanation of what your products can do. And when they feel connected with your brand, it is easier to encourage them to patronize your products.

Outdoor Signage Displays

Outdoor Signage Displays


4. Increase Sales Growth

One of the primary goals for businesses to provide the best strategic marketing campaign is to increase growth sales. The outdoor signage display is very useful in engaging customers to make purchases of your product which in effect, generates higher sales. This display is worth investing in since it is very cost-effective and flexible at the same time.

Outdoor Signage Displays

Outdoor Signage Displays


To Sum It Up,

Business doesn’t end on product development and setting up your name. Successful brands also work hard on the outside aspects of the business – some go beyond the limit.

If you want to establish a positive brand identity, it is great to invest in outdoor signage displays with storage features. It will help to increase your brand’s appeal while improving your sales growth. The way you advertise your brand affects customers’ impression of your products; that’s why it is important to be smart in providing the best marketing strategy while securing the safety of your items outside. Interested in having a custom outdoor signage display? Quote the product code ODM-3474 in sending us an email of inquiry. 


How Can ODM Help?

We have excellent experiences in creating product design, product manufacturing, and even product displays. Here at ODM, together with Mindsparkz, we have a team who can help you in utilizing effective marketing products suitable for your brand. Connect with us to find out how we can help. What are you waiting for? Send an email today. We are more than willing to assist you!


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Is tin a valuable material for displays?

Yes. Tin's price per pound in the market is about 5 times that of base metals such as zinc, lead, and copper, yet it is much cheaper than metals such as silver, gold, and platinum. So, it is a valuable material.

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It is customizable from the print, size, and, color base on your branding and preference.

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