In the current difficult times, all of us have had to adapt to a new normal where interactions are limited and outdoor happenings are restricted. Staying put at home must have been such a tough experience for all. Even more so for active people who love outdoor activities. That said, hard work is being put in to develop vaccines. There will come a day when the pandemic is managed, so why not give your customers something to look forward to in the coming year with some interesting outdoor promotional products!

Top Outdoor Promotional Products for 2021

1. Inflatable Cup/Bottle Holder

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Perfect for summer pool parties, this inflatable flamingo bottle and cup holder keeps drinks within reach while chilling in the pool. Designed to keep drinks safely afloat on pools, people of all ages will enjoy having this product. Children will love how bright and fun the flamingo looks. Teenagers and young adults will love showing off this novelty item at their gatherings. Even working adults can use this for a relaxing afternoon in the pool. Best of all, one does not have to wait for the pandemic to be over before using it! As long as they have a personal pool, this inflatable can holder is a brilliant party prop.

The product code is ODM-3164.

2. Waterproof Phone Case

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Out by the pool or the ocean, most have the constant fear of putting their phone at the risk of water damage. This waterproof custom phone case is the perfect solution. Effectively sealed and air-tight, not a single drop of water can leak through. You can freely bring your phone into the pool or the ocean. Touch screen compatible, you can still use your phone even underwater. For Instagram and photography lovers, now you do not need to spend money on underwater cameras! All you need is this phone case to snap those great underwater shots!

Contact our team with product code ODM-3153.

3. Wooden Handle Multi-function Cutlery Tool

This multifunction cutlery tool is an ingenious tool that we love. Encompassed within the wooden handle, there are spoon, fork, and knife. Not only that, but it also comes with a bottle opener for you to crack open a cold one! All you need to do is to flip out the cutlery that you need and use it. You would not have to worry about packing a full set of loose utensils, running the risk of particular cutlery slipping your mind. This multifunctional cutlery tool with a sleek wooden handle will certainly be a product that intrigues your customers.

Probably one of the most useful and compact outdoor promotional products out there, contact us with product code is ODM-3162.

4. 2-person Wine Picnic Bag

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How many times have you wanted to bring out those wine glasses with you for a romantic picnic date, or a chill girls’ hangout, but never did? The possibility of fragile wine glasses breaking is very real. This is not only very dangerous but will also dampen the mood. The 2 person Wine Picnic Bag is a great product to counter this problem! Sturdily made, it is designed to carry one bottle of wine and two wine glasses. Strong elastics will keep your glasses firmly in place, while the soft lining will protect them from some external force. The bag also has an elastic holder for you to put your cork opener. It is definitely not a product to miss.

If you like this product, contact us with the code ODM-3143.

5. Automatic Stainless Steel Portable Camping Kebab Grill

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Make outdoor cooking fun and simple with this Automatic Stainless Steel Portable Camping Kebab Grill. All you have to do is chop up your raw ingredients into bite-sized chunks, and skew them with the skewers provided. Next, place them back onto the rack, and there you go! They are ready to be cooked. Another special feature is that not only is it chargeable with normal power sockets, but you can also use powerbanks to power it too! Gone are your worries about finding a power outlet in the middle of the woods.

The product code is ODM-3126.

6. Portable UVC LED Sterilization Virus Defender Bag (USB Chargeable)

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Of course sterilization and hygiene is many people’s utmost priority right now. This will not change anytime soon. Although ODM already has various branded UV sterilizers, none of them is remotely similar to this Portable UVC LED Sterilization Virus Defender Bag. With its large size, you can conveniently bring it along with you on your outdoor trips to sterilize your phones, utensils, watches, and more! Coming with a metal grid and lined with a rugged reflector, it ensures that your stuff is fully sterilized in one go. A single press of the button and you are good to go. Your customers will snatch this up!

The product code is ODM-3130.

7. Outdoor Pressure Shower / Hose

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Out in the great outdoors, one often has to deal with a terrible shower. Be it weak water pressure or the lack of a constant water source, outdoor showers are certainly a great inconvenience. With this pressure water hose, we guarantee that you will enjoy your future outdoor trips more comfortably. As a portable water tank, it comes with a water tank, foot air pump and hose. All of these can be packed into a compact carry case. To use it, simply fill the water tank with water, and the air pump will ensure a nice water pressure from the hose. And don’t just limit its use to showers. You can use it to hose down your water slides too!

Do you like this product? Quote product code ODM-3157 when contacting our team.

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