Did you know, mobile phones are one of the dirtiest objects we come in contact with every day? Research has shown time and time again that mobile phones have more germs on them than your kitchen counter, doorknob, or even your toilet seat! With the recent coronavirus pandemic, disinfection and sterilization of everyday items have become a new normal. So how can you effectively kill the germs on your phones? Well, we think that a branded UV sterilizer are perfect for the job and will make a great custom corporate gift.

Features and Benefits

Safe to Use
First and foremost, UV light disinfection is safe to use. Without the harsh chemicals found in most cleaning and sanitizing products, not only is it non-toxic, it is environmentally-friendly as well. Beware it should never be used on human skin or any other part of the body.

Not only can the UV sterilizer be used on phones, it can be used to sterilize other small objects as well. This includes items such as keys, keychains, accessories, and more. Some UV sterilizers come with wireless charging as well.

Effectively Kills 99% of Germs
UV light is proven to be effective in killing bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, the UV sterilization process is a physical process that kills the bacteria. Bacteria developing antibiotic resistance to traditional chemical disinfectants has been an ongoing problem in the medical community, and UV sterilization helps to solve this issue.

Small and light, these branded UV sterilizers can easily find a place on your dresser or table for you to pop your phone in for disinfection. Once switched on, all it takes is pressing a timer for the device to start, and wait for it to be finished. They are also portable and can be brought along with you to your office or for traveling.

With all these benefits, you would think that a branded UV sterilizer is costly from the technology used. However, that is not the case! In fact, they are easily manufactured, which contributes to its affordable pricing.

Why Branded UV Sterilizer

For a promotional welfare gift, we feel that the branded UV sterilizer makes the perfect promotional gift and is wonderful for branding. The general public is cautious of the state of sanitization of the everyday objects that they come into. Furthermore, this UV sterilizer will be a one-time investment for a long period of time, and will still be relevant even after the pandemic is over. 

It will also show your clients and customers that you are aware of the needs and concerns of the current times and will aid in boosting your brand image. In addition, there is ample space on the UV sterilizer to print your logo to spread brand awareness.

How ODM can help

Are you interested in a branded UV sterilizer?

Quote product code ODM-3092 for the UV Sterilization Box, product code ODM-3094 for the Portable Multifunction Mobile Phone Sterilizer, and product code ODM-3095 for the Wireless Charging UV Germicidal Lamp.

Here at ODM, our team will help you design and source high-quality and effective custom promotional merchandise, POS displays, and product packaging. We have helped many established brands throughout the years and they are pleased with the end results. 

Also, we have a design team, Mindsparkz, that can help you come up with new, unique, and innovative product ideas. Contact us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is the UV light used harmful to humans?

The UV light used in these sterilizers are manufactured to prevent excessive contact with human skin. They will only be activated for a short period of time while disinfecting and will not cause damage when used properly.

Will the wireless charging work on all phones?

It will work on all wireless charging compatible phones.

What does a sterilizer do?

A sterilizer uses sterilization to destroy all microorganisms on the surface of an article or in a fluid. This is to prevent disease/bacteria/virus transmission associated with the item.