How Samsung Turns a Crisis Into an Opportunity: Portable UV Sterilizer Box

The onset of Covid-19 Pandemic has posed many challenges to the world. We felt its impact on the supply chain, specifically a decrease in the labor force. This has led to many companies facing the detrimental consequence of the pandemic, with sales at an all-time low. To offset the massive hit blown towards various industries, companies have been coming up with strategies to improve their sales. Here is one unique marketing strategy from Samsung, where they have provided a portable UV sterilizer box as a gift with purchase.

Portable UV Sterilizer Box

Samsung, is one of the world’s largest producers of electronic devices. It is a South Korean company that produces a wide range of electronic devices such as memory chips, household appliances and even integrated systems. They also produce many products that are incorporated with the Internet of Things (IoT), a booming market in the IT industry. Furthermore, they are extremely renowned for their smartphones, with over 300 million units of smartphone sales annually.

Samsung has come up with a marketing strategy that well complements its newest product launch. An ITFIT UV sterilizer with wireless charging worth ₱2,199 is being given away with every purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. This was an opening weekend offer which lasted from 23 October to 25 October.

What Makes Samsung’s Portable UV Sterilizer Box Stand Out?

1. Destroys Harmful Bacteria

This portable UV sterilizer box has been tested and proven by 3rd party laboratories to effectively kill up to 99% of bacteria within 10 minutes. A quick and efficient method, keeping customers safe from any lingering bacteria that is difficult to detect.

Portable UV Sterilizer Box

2. Wireless Charging

While waiting for your stuff to be sterilized in the box, you can recharge your device thanks to its wireless charging functionality. This wireless charging function can be used for any device, including smartphones and wearables. However, the wireless charging feature only works with compatible devices that have WPC Qi wireless charging capabilities. This is excellent as it serves a 2-in-1 function- killing two birds with one stone while you take time away from your mobile device.

Portable UV Sterilizer Box

3. Smooth Magnetic Cover

The portable UV sterilizer box has a smooth magnetic cover that provides airtight closure and a stable feel. This airtight closure allows your personal belongings to be kept safe and contaminant-free. Moreover, it has a spacious design to accommodate larger phones and other personal belongings like your sunglasses. It also has a soft free-angle hinge and rubber stopper that presents a smooth touch to the user.  Besides, the rubber stopper protects the surface from scratches and softens the impact of the magnet.

Portable UV Sterilizer Box

How Has Samsung Turned Covid-19 Into an Opportunity?

Portable UV Sterilizer Box

With the Covid-19 Pandemic, this gift with purchase is definitely one that serves a beneficial purpose in the lives of many. More people are becoming more careful to contract bacteria and germs around them. Hence, this has led to many disinfecting the objects that they come into contact with most of the time. This includes their earphones, sunglasses, and especially their smartphones. This portable UV sterilizer box is an extremely effective tool that helps to kill all bacteria and germs the right way! It makes use of ultraviolet technology to kill all germs and bacteria more quickly. Here are some benefits of a UV sterilizer.

1. UV light disinfection is non-toxic & environmentally friendly

Unlike harsh chemicals that are used in disinfection, UV light is non-toxic and extremely environmentally friendly. UV light deactivates microorganisms through a physical process. Bacteria and viruses are effectively removed when exposed to the bactericidal wavelengths of UV light as they are unable to reproduce and infect other organisms.

2. An effective form of disinfection

After being exposed to UV light, bacteria are unable to reproduce and infect other organisms. It also kills a wide array of harmful disease-causing organisms. UV disinfection is a dry method, which destroys molds and spores and does not leave a damp environment for fungi to thrive.

3. Kills pathogens without immunity

UV light even has the ability to kill pathogens without immunity. Unlike traditional disinfection methods, UV light disinfection is a physical method for killing bacteria. Hence, bacteria cannot build immunity to it.

4. Portable which increases brand visibility

This device is portable and handy, which allows it to be carried around and used often. With its size, it can be brought anywhere and used anytime for any personal belonging that fits the box. Furthermore, this increases the brand visibility of the product. This is due to the high usability and how it is mostly compatible with Samsung’s products. Hence, it would also bring about high brand remembrance with its high usage.

All these are features that consumers look for in a product to protect themselves from the COVID 19 virus. The ability to kill the virus allows consumers to feel safe and have peace of mind. Therefore, this portable UV sterilizer box will definitely find utility in the hands of customers.


Indeed, Samsung’s portable UV sterilizer box is an innovative solution and product that would benefit the lives of many. No one knows when this pandemic will last, so this product is a useful tool that will surely serve customers for a long time. An extremely brilliant marketing strategy, Samsung really takes the germs away while welcoming sales. It is lovely to see such innovative products produced to combat this virus and make our lives safer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does UV light take to kill bacteria?

It takes several minutes to kill bacteria. The effectiveness of UV light is based on many variables, This include the length of exposure, the intensity of the light source and how far the source is from the target.

Does UV light kill bacteria?

It does not kill bacteria but it inhibits replication and sterilizes it. This is done by destroying the DNA of the bacteria.

Is UV sterilization effective for viruses and bacteria?

Yes, it is also effective for organisms.

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