What is Good Manufacturing Practice?

Good Manufacturing Practice, also known as GMP, is a regulation that guides the production and quality management of food, medicine, and medical products. It is a set of mandatory standards applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, and other industries. It requires companies to meet the hygienic quality requirements in accordance with relevant national regulations in terms of raw materials, personnel, facilities and equipment, production processes, packaging and transportation, and quality control.

The main purpose of Good Manufacturing Practice is to ensure that manufacturers, processors, and packagers of drugs, medical devices, some food, and blood take proactive steps to ensure that their products are safe, pure, and effective.


Why is Good Manufacturing Practice Important?

Poorly made products, especially health products like pharmaceuticals could cause a major health hazard. Some examples include poor-quality medicines that may contain toxic substances that have been unintentionally added while medicines that contain little or none of the claimed ingredient will not have the intended therapeutic effect.

Good Manufacturing Practice is designed to ensure that mistakes do not occur or are minimised. Furthermore, implementation of Good Manufacturing Practice is an investment in good quality medicines. Thus, this will improve the health of the individual patient and the community while also benefitting the pharmaceutical industry and health professionals. Manufacturing and distributing poor quality medicines would also lead to a loss of credibility for everyone: both public and private health care and the manufacturer.


What are some products that require GMP certification?

As aforementioned, it is applicable to pharmaceutical, food, and some other industries. An example of a product that requires GMP Certification would be hand sanitizers.

good manufacturing practice

Good Manufacturing Practice – Hand Sanitizers


Hand sanitizers are products in high demand during this #Covid-19 pandemic. FDA regulates hand sanitizers (antiseptic hand wash products) as over the counter (OTC) drug products. This is because they are drug products that are used to prevent the spread of viruses and diseases. Therefore, hand sanitizer products must comply with FDA’s drug regulations.

Looking for other sanitizer ideas? Check out these interesting hand sanitizer spray pens.


good manufacturing practice

Good Manufacturing Practice


This product is a transparent 75% alcohol disinfection wash. It comes in different fruit fragrances that cater to a wide range of consumers. It is used for hand hygiene disinfection and has the ability to kill 99.99% of germs. This is extremely crucial in fighting viruses.


good manufacturing practice

Good Manufacturing Practice


What Do We Love About Hand Sanitizers?

Hand sanitizers have extremely high usability. However, this particular product has features that allow it to be conveniently brought around. For example, this product is small and can be carried in a bag or purse. Moreover, it has a small space that allows a carabiner to be placed into. This allows the product to be hooked on all your items such as your bags, pouches, and even keychains.

With this product having extremely high usability, it is great as a promotional product. Companies can customise their brand logo on the product which allows for higher brand visibility. This is perfect as such a product keeps your customers safe from the virus.

Lastly, this product has the Good Manufacturing Practice certification which shows the product’s reliability.

You can also check out this custom hand sanitizer holder that would compliment your hand sanitizer products.


How can ODM Group help?

ODM is committed to working with partners as a Transparent Buying Office. We work open book with clients, factories, and suppliers. It is critical to get supplies moving fast and to have fair market pricing during the current Pandemic. Check out other #Covid19 related posts. If you are interested in this product, contact our staff with the product code ODM-3311.


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