Promotional Face Masks with Straw Hole for Branding

Now that reusable face masks have gained some demand from the mass market, companies and brands are now learning how they can innovate and escalate these covid 19 related products.

The majority of companies are branding woven masks with prints and their own custom textiles. However, we believe that if we were to innovate further – special features must be added into these promotional face masks.

Promotional Face Masks

Woven Face Masks

In order for companies to use promotional face masks for branding, brand managers must be able to distinguish between woven and non woven face masks. While non-woven face masks are mostly medical graded, they do not provide the same branding opportunities such as woven face masks.

This is because non-woven face masks uses non-woven polypropylene (PP), which is meant for single use. Therefore, brands are limited when it comes to printing their designs and logos onto non-woven masks, which prompts the demand for reusable woven face masks.

Reusable woven face masks are most oftenly made out of cotton, therefore the fabric is suitable for logo printing (silkscreen, heat transfer etc.). Especially because they are not marketed for medical use, it also allows brands to customize it further to suit certain demands.

If you are interested to learn more about the difference between these 2 types of masks read this blog.

Promotional Face Masks

Reusable Face Mask with Straw Hole

In today’s blog, we feature a new and innovative way of manufacturing thes promotional face masks. Now that many countries are re-opening their economy, bars and restaurants are slowly open for business. However, this does not mean that people are comfortable with leaving their masks off outdoors. This creates a problem for people who want to drink outdoors, but can’t seem to find a practical way to drink.

Our solution? A reusable face mask with a straw hole.

This helps provide users a insert to input their straws in order to drink from their straws while simultenously wearing their mask.

Therefore, it assures that they are protected with their mask whilst they drink.

Promotional Face Masks

Branding Advantages

There are lots of branding advantages for using reusable woven masks, especially when your promotional face masks uses innovative features like adding a straw hole.

1. High Utility

Because these are reusable face masks, expect your customers to use this repeatedly. Unlike non-woven masks which are for single-use, these promotional woven masks could be branded and used over and over again. This will help optimize your brand exposure.

2. Easy to use

Now that wearing a mask is becoming a norm, using promotional face masks as a branding medium can relate to many people. Everyone understand how it works, therefore it can benefit many across all demographics.

3. COVID-19 : Flattening the curve

Many brands are not adapting their business models in order to cater to this new demand initiated by the virus outbreak. This includes us, as we would have only introduced this product into our line of merchandise if it meant that it could make a difference to combat the virus.
Reallocating your resources in order to produce covid-19 related products promotes goodwill of the brand when your brand is actively contributing to the fight against the virus.

Who is this for?

We think that this product is great for any demographic. However, we do feel like this could be more appropriate for promoting food & beverage (F&B) businesses, as the straw hole feature aligns with food consumption. Therefore, if we were to ever recommend any type of face mask to a bar, restaurant of cafe – we’d definitely recommend this promotional face mask.

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If this might not be the type of product you’d use for branding, check out some of our other blogs and articles to get some inspiration for your marketing campaigns.

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