We love how Penfolds is promoting their products in China. They parnered with Motao Box also popularly known as “cashierless wine shop” to bring their brand closer to their target market. This strategy spells convenience and innovation. The Motao Box served as an interactive point of sale display for their drinks. This cutting-edge retail idea takes marketing to a whole new level. And we have learned a lot from this tactic. We also believe that you can apply these lessons to improve your own merchandising store display.

Merchandising Store Display

Merchandising Store Display

What We Love About this Promotion

If you take a closer look at the Motao Box you’ll see Penfolds wine stacked neatly on the wooden shelves and custom promotional bags hanging on the pegs. The red wine bags can easily be seen by customers peeking from outside the e-kiosk.

One can see that it’s a technologically advanced mini retail store with QR codes for cashless transactions. This Motao Box can be found in hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, and other high-traffic indoor locations. It is indeed a revolutionary in-store marketing strategy. This technology supports WeChat pay so customers will just have to scan the QR code with their smartphone and… Voila! They can now pay directly from their e-wallet. However, not everyone find online transactions easy. For instance older customers may find scanning and setting up e-wallets a hassle. Thus, for them paying with cash would be more convenient. But what did we learn from this high-end marketing strategy?


Marketing Hacks that You can Apply to Your Merchandising Store Display

Make it Convenient for Shoppers: Although the e-kiosk provides convenient and fast cashless transactions, this may not be suitable for people who do not have E-wallets. Moreover, for now, the technology supports a few online payment apps. So, if you want to target a wide range of shoppers, make sure that you cater to all people from all walks of life. Whether you are marketing drinks, cosmetics and beauty products, or food, you have to make sure that your products are available to people who pay with e-wallets, cards, and cash. This will encourage more people to buy from you because they have so many options to pay.

Take Advantage of QR Codes: Aside from online payments, you can use QR codes to boost your online presence. For instance, offering custom promotional giveaways and contest giveaways to your customers. In our example, Motao Box had used a QR code so that customers can register online before entering the cellar.

Merchandising Store Display

Merchandising Store Display


Use Conventional Marketing Tools to Reinforce Your Message- Here, you can see that just outside the Motao Box, you’ll see Penfolds decals and posters promoting their products. This way, customers will easily know what they are offering. This is important because shoppers coming from the opposite direction will be able to know their ongoing promotions. With its red poster, it will certainly pull in customers to their display.

Therefore, if you want your merchandising store display to rake in more customers, and convert passersby to potential customers, it’s critical to augment your marketing strategy with posters, stickers, and banners. They are simple and cost-effective, yet long-lasting.

Merchandising Store Display

Merchandising Store Display


Offer Practical Branded Promotional Gifts- As you can see from the photo, Penfolds is also offering wine bags which customers can use to carry their bottles. They come in red hue with silk-screen printed designs. Hanging them in pegs allows their clients to have a good look at the promotional bags. Also their product positioning makes the products easier to spot. Thus, if you want your POS displays to be more captivating, displaying your promotional products together with the main selling products could give your brand a push.


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Why not apply these marketing lessons to your POS display design? Penfolds’ revolutionary product merchandising tactic is surely one-of-its-kind. However, we believe that their promotion would have been more impactful if their marketing copy had English translations. This would encourage more people, especially tourists, to have a look at their products.

Keen on creating your own promotional products, custom promotional gifts, as well as POS display units? Contact The ODM Group today. We have a lot of experience in designing and sourcing high-quality custom promotional giveaways for business and unique corporate gifts.


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