How could a bespoke display benefit you? Whilst exploring the buzzing streets of Vietnam, we followed the trail of excited chatter and bold colours to this prominent line of promotions!

So why do you need a bespoke display?

Promotion exposure

By creating a totally unique and engaging advertising stall, the opportunities to show off your promotions are endless! Branded stalls can be placed in a diverse range of locations, such as outside shops and at trade fairs. This gives your company the best chance possible to connect with your target customers. Additionally, as local customers repeatedly see your stalls outside businesses and events, they will become familiar with your company. This will increase the chance of them talking to their friends and family about your promotions, which will result in a significant increase in awareness. Furthermore, customers trust information about companies they’ve discovered through their peers. Therefore, the likelihood they’ll check out the promotion based on their recommendations is high. Overall, creating a bespoke display is not only an excellent way to advertise your next promotion, but it is also a great way to gain customer trust.

Kit Kat has certainly taken advantage of the huge advertising space available on these branded displays, you can easily recognise the brand from a distance as they have customised their stall with their signature logo.

Bespoke Display

Bespoke Display

Through their bespoke display, they were able to promote their customer incentives such as promotional travel bags, branded drawstring bags, and more!


Approachability and Brand recall

Promotional signs and outdoor banner stands grab customer attention. We all know customers are fickle creatures. Customers usually read advertisements from afar because they’re afraid of getting captured by overzealous salespeople. Therefore, using an eye-catching design is a great idea! Not only will it appeal to the inquisitive nature of customers and draw them in, but it will also allow them to familiarise themselves with what the promotion details from a distance. This means they will approach staff with confidence. When promotional signs are effectively customised, they become memorable to customers. This means that even if a customer cannot stop to view your promotion at the time, they’ll feel curious about what you have to offer. As a result, they’ll be thinking about the details of your promotion over a long day at work. Therefore, spotting the display on the return home will make walking past without making a visit impossible!

Bespoke Display

Bespoke Display

These promotional signs by Heineken and KitKat are a shining example of this. The bold text clearly identifies all of the necessary details to customers so they can understand what the promotion involves from far away. The standout phrase “Enjoy the festival with Heineken” is striking and commands customers to pay the promotion a visit!

Bespoke Display

Bespoke Display


Have we seen this before?

This display design by Amstel is so memorable, we instantly knew we’d seen it before! This made us take another look at the promotion and discuss the similarities and differences between the old and new structure. This organic debate affirmed the promotion in our minds and we won’t be forgetting this golden display anytime soon! An additional bonus of this recognisable promotional beverage display stand is that customers don’t have to be in the store to see it. This means as they are casually walking down the street, they can easily spot the promotion and be drawn in to make a purchase.

Bespoke Display

Bespoke Display

To find out more about this unforgettable promotion we saw in a local supermarket, check out this blog!


Competitive Edge

Creating a bespoke display stand or amazing FSDU design is a great way to get noticed. Not only will it make you more appealing to customers, but it will also make you stand out from competitors! By having your own logo and design on these displays, your customers will be able to recognise you amongst the sea of competitors at events. Additionally, these finishing pieces to your display will create a lasting impression on your customers because it demonstrates the extra effort you are willing to put in to impress them, which they’ll believe will be reflected in the quality of your products. As a result, this will encourage them to take part in your promotion!


Bespoke Display

Bespoke Display

We personally like this custom POS display by Heineken. Their promotional display standee is eye-catching and remarkable.

Bespoke Display

Bespoke Display

Once again, Heineken has expertly crafted a stunning display. They have mastered the art of creating the perfect customised designs for every scenario. For example, they are also using custom LED displays to show-off their new products in Vietnam.  To find out more about how their specialised displays to boosted their Heineken Silver promotion, check out this blog! 


In Conclusion

Overall, using a bespoke display correctly can significantly grow your customer base, as well as making you stand out from competitors! As a result, these high-quality pieces of outdoor advertising will ensure your next promotion makes an impact. To take your bespoke display to the next level, you could also consider installing a marketing LED display or giving away a branded product such as a promotional T-shirt to your customers.

ODM could help you create your very own bespoke display!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is a Bespoke Display?

Bespoke displays are displays that are custom built to fit a client’s unique needs. This means that the displays are tailored to take into account factors such as environment, events, industry trends, and client needs. Check out this blog to read more about bespoke displays.

What sets a Bespoke Display apart from a regular display?

A bespoke display will immediately attract the attention of customers and passers-by as it will be something that they haven’t seen before. This is because people are used to seeing standardized displays everywhere they go. Hence, when people see a display tailored uniquely, they will be intrigued and stop to take a look.

How can you make your Bespoke Display stand out?

Using Effective Colors – Strategically use your brand colors to increase brand recognition and strengthen your brand’s identity. Using bring and outstanding colors will also attract more attention from customers and passers-by. Incorporating Additions – Add fun or interesting additions to your display, such as pop-out characters, speakers, or moving components to your display to make it stand out even more.