Coca-Cola has drastically increased its sales potential for its mini-sized promotional drink. Promotional Beverage Display Stand with advertisements on the sides are incredibly impactful. Customers would be able to see either the product or the advertisement regardless of where they are standing. This results in higher sales and profit margin for the company. 

Beverage Display Stand

Beverage Display Stand

The above branded retail display example by Coca Cola was placed along the aisles to gain higher visibility. This is a good strategically seeing that the display is a bit shorter and narrower than other shelves.

Beverage Display Stand

Beverage Display Stand


3 Benefits of Using a Promotional Beverage Display Stand

  • Versatility: After the promotional period, the beverage rack display could also be used for other campaigns. It would be easy for the company to reuse the displays for other products and events. They would only have to change the advertisements on the sides of the display.
  • Convenience: The portability aspect of the POS Display makes it easier for the company to move the displays about. They could move it to a strategic location with high traffic or move it to another location for other promotional campaigns.
  • Increased Visibility: The large advertisements on the sides of the display direct the customers’ attention to the product. It also boosts sales through impulse purchases as it entices the customers to purchase the products.

Business people often said that every square inch of an outlet equals to money. The space needs to be strategically utilized to maximize sales. At the checkout counters, companies could still entice the customers to purchase products they had no intention of buying. This could be done by using attractive or custom POS Displays that demand customers’ attentions.

Having said that, companies with bigger advertising budget could also invest in a customized promotional gift. This creates a positive and lasting impression on the customers. 

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