We spotted Eleva Organic‘s unique gondola end display at a shopping market in Hong Kong and we absolutely loved it. The use of the end of the gondola shelving is certainly a great way to maximize limited shop space whilst creating eye-catching in-store display.

Gondola End Display: How Eleva Gained Massive Sales Bump

 Gondola End Display: How Eleva Gained Massive Sales Bump


One of the brands that had success in creating a powerful in store display is Petrol. With their Point of sales displays and props, the brand was able to attract more customers to buy.

Petrol’s in store display is perfect for when you have a wide space to showcase your products. But if you are selling inside a retail store with limited space, using a gondola end display may work for you. See how Eleva boost their brand presence with this technique!


What we Love About Eleva’s Display:

Gondola End Display: How Eleva Gained Massive Sales Bump

Gondola End Display: How Eleva Gained Massive Sales Bump

  1. As you can see from the picture, the LED light emphasized key information about the brand. This technique is also ideal for explaining products with multiple steps or to highlight benefits.
  2. Eleva’s advert is made of plastic with lots of graphics and texts. If you are planning to make one for your brand, you can use any material but make sure that it is in full color to command attention.
  3. The custom display stand where the tins sit is custom sized so that the products fit well in the shelf.


How Effective is Eleva’s Gondola End Display?

  • Attractive LED Display: The lighting made the whole set up stand out. Since their display seemed to be in the far end of the shop, an eye-catching  advert is necessary to get customers’ attention.
  • Informative Custom POP Display: Through this, customers are informed that Eleva is EU and Denmark Organic certified. This means and that the process was strictly evaluated and that the components are all organic. As such, buyers can be sure that they are getting products that are safe and healthy- no GMOS and artificial additives. Showing these information is crucial for influencing their customers’ buying decisions.
  • Space Saving: It didn’t take up much space and very straightforward. Moreover, with a display section solely dedicated to their brand, they did not have to compete or share shelf space with competitors. This is one of the best retail display ideas we have featured in our blog.

Here’s another brand that had success with this kind of in store marketing strategy:

LINE, in collaboration with Le Creuset, had created silicone cookware merchandise which went on sale in Hong Kong 7-11 stores. Their collection of exclusive app merchandise were showcased on a gondola end display. Aside from the pastel-colored cookware, the cute promotional shelf talkers really grabbed our staff’s attention. The presentation gave off a fun vibe that fits their brand image. But more importantly, it’s space-saving and it’s a great way to liven up the store.

What do you think of Eleva and Line’s gondola end displays? Do you need help with custom POP displays and other promotional products? Turn to ODM. We have in-house designers at Mindsparkz that can help with any design works your company might need. So speak with us today!


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