We spotted this colorful cardboard store display at a supermarket in the Philippines. The colorful free standing display is made for Johnson’s baby products. The 3-tier POS display has two sides – back and front So people coming from both sides can see all the products on offer.

Cardboard Store Display

Cardboard Store Display

POS displays are an integral part of in-store marketing. Companies invest in high-quality and eye-catching POS displays in order to showcase their products in a pleasing manner. And Johnson’s did just that!

If you need help designing the best cardboard store display for your brand, here are super easy design hacks:


Super Easy Design Hacks for the Best Cardboard Store Display Unit for Your Brand

1.Make Colors Pop: Since the products are targeted towards young kids, Johnson’s used warm happy colors. As such, they were able to create that welcoming feeling that is suitable for a kid’s brand. Using vivid colors makes your display noticeable so don’t be afraid to experiment. However, do consider the kind of product you are selling.

For kids’ products, fun, vibrant colors are ideal. Selling cosmetics? You can go from pastels to strong, bold colors, depending on your target demographic and brand image. For alcoholic drinks, dark colors, neutrals, and strong hues are ideal because project quality and class. Choosing the colors that will highlight your brand is key!

Cardboard Store Display

Cardboard Store Display


2. Choose the Right Materials: Johnson’s PLAY used corrugated cardboard for this display. Corrugated cardboard is preferred by many marketing managers because they are fairly inexpensive and flexible. It can be transformed to various shapes so it’s perfect for creating bespoke retail displays. Furthermore, this would be a great choice for short-run campaigns because it is cost-effective and easy to set up. For more bespoke shapes, lead time could be longer and the price a bit more expensive.


3. Make It Engaging: In our example, you can see that on the beams of Johnson’s merchandise display, are written “Presko Bango Collection from Head to Toe” (Fresh Fragrant Collection from Head to Toe) and “PLAY Must-Haves.” These messages are targeted towards parents. The promise of keeping kids feeling fresh and comfortable all summer-long invites customers to try their products.


4. Appeal to the Senses and Emotions: One of the best ways to connect with the audience is by appealing to their senses and emotions. For instance, the summery colors and their message “PLAY Must-Haves” primes shoppers that they “need” this product because it’s always hot in the Philippines.

A great example of a marketing display that appeals to the senses is this art installation by San Miguel. The mind-boggling outdoor display stirs people’s curiosity and is really inviting. So, people who come and see this installation will be exposed to the brand.


Our Takeaway…

Johnson’s custom cardboard display is a fine example of a fantastic POS display. The combination of colors, materials, and sensory appeal heightens brand exposure, which could eventually lead to higher sales.

If you need effective store displays, it is vital to seek the help of a professional POS display designer. Fortunately, The ODM Group can help you out.

Our merchandisers can help you source and manufacture promotional products and custom promotional merchandise for your business. We also work hand in hand with our product designers at Mindsparkz so you can expect us to deliver high-quality designs on time.

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