With so many champagne brands nowadays, it can be hard for customers to choose which product will suit their tastes best. With that said, new brands may even find it hard to stand out. What better way to get customers to choose your products over others than offering custom printed merchandise either as a gift with purchase or purchase with purchase item?

For example, G.H. Mumm’s branded glasses and bottle stoppers are on offer alongside their Cordon Rose NV Champagne. We love how the merch correlates with the main selling product- champagne.

Custom Printed Merchandise

Custom Printed Merchandise

G.H. Mumm is a well-known brand of champagne and has been in the industry since 1827. And their beautiful gift with purchase glasses just reflect the brand image they are trying to project.


Why Do We Love Their Custom Printed Merchandise for Drinks

  • Relevance: The branded glass is practical and invites customers to sit down and take a sip of their champagne. This is effective as the association makes the drink more enticing.
  • Nicely Branded: The glasses are nicely branded with their logo. Simple and classy, we like that they only used the logo to differentiate their brand from the rest. The merchandise design shows their legacy and what their brand stands for.
  • Branded Bottle Stopper: This adds novelty to the gift with purchase campaign. The corks are branded and are perfect as replacement for broken ones. If you’re thinking of unique drinks promotional products, bottle stopper might be just the right choice. We have previous experience in creating such product for clients before. Here’s a design sample you might want to take a look at:

Branded POS Display

Aside from their interesting custom branded merchandise, we also noticed that their bottles were showcased in a simple POS display. The arrangement and the color scheme are appealing. G.H Mumm is, indeed, taking advantage of the promotional products they can use.

POS display units are one of the best ways to get noticed in store. This promotional drinks display by G.H. Mumm is showing us how investing in these promotional devices can lead a brand to success and increase sales.

Let’s take a look at the factors that made this POS display an effective one.

Customized design: In the back, we can see an image of a champagne bottle that looks cold and refreshing. It helps oncoming customers to see the display from a distance.

Personalised promotional products: We have glasses and branded bottle stoppers neatly arranged on the display. This gives customers an idea of what kind of branded promotional merchandise are on offer, thus, driving impulse purchase.

Visibility: The display helps to differentiate the products from the other on the shelf. The visibility will encourage the customer to choose this product. And this further improves their sales because according to studies, more than half the purchase decisions are made on the store. Furthermore, the brand name is imprinted on every other item (glass and bottle cap) ensuring greater visibility beyond shopping malls.


In Conclusion

In order to get your brand a household name, it’s important to think about what product suits your promotions best. The use of custom printed merchandise for drinks will help differentiate your brand from the rest. Furthermore, they are a great way to get your brand in the hands of your target customers.

So do you want to get your custom business promotional items today? Contact The ODM Group. Our designers and merchandisers will be happy to assist you with all your marketing and promotional needs.


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