We found this bespoke retail display by Pepsi Cola at a supermarket in the Philippines. The Jeepney-style display is truly remarkable due to its bold color and bespoke shape. And shoppers, especially kids, would go and touch the display. This is a great example of an effective custom store display that is not only attractive, but meaningful as well.

4 Signs Your Business Needs to Update Your Custom Store Display

4 Signs Your Business Needs to Update Your Custom Store Display

In-store displays are crucial as these are the first things customers will notice in your shop. The more novel and attractive a POS display unit is, the better. It should frame your products perfectly while also highlighting what’s good and relevant about your brand.

But how do you know if you need to invest in a new POS display that delivers great results? Here are signs that you might be needing the help of a POS display designer for your new shop display.


Signs You Need an Impactful Custom Store Display

  1. Your Display is Not Generating Traffic – As compared to your first years in business, that certain area of your shop is not getting enough attention from shoppers.
  2. Displays are Distracting – Too many irrelevant details, peeled off paint, missing parts, and products that don’t belong to that particular brand. A messy gondola shelf or a free standing display unit can have a negative impact on how clients perceive the brand or your store.
  3. POS Display Looks Boring – When it comes to POS displays, the bolder, the better. It’s boring when it does not move people to make a purchase or if does not appeal to the senses. The shelves are almost empty and the colors are not appealing anymore. There are no signs of promotions or posters to entice customers.
  4. Not RemarkablePOS displays provide an opportunity to stand out so make sure that they are unique and remarkable. Don’t make the mistake of keeping your displays generic. Customers will feel if you put enough effort in all your in-store displays.

So, what can retailers do? Here are a few things we learned from Pepsi’s custom store display and some tips to help you get started with designing the best in-store POS display for your business.


What We Learned from Pepsi’s Custom Store Display

  • Be Original: Be creative in your designs. People want to see fresh new ideas from time to time. And this is why we love this custom POP display by Pepsi. It was also positioned at the center of the aisle so it’s very visible. Moreover, the design is kid-friendly. We spotted parents taking pictures of their little ones beside the jeepney display. And if they decide to upload the pictures, it opens up a fantastic opportunity for the brand to further increase its online presence.
4 Signs Your Business Needs to Update Your Custom Store Display

4 Signs Your Business Needs to Update Your Custom Store Display

    • Make it Relevant and Meaningful: The use of a jeepney display is relevant as it reflects the culture of their audience. Doing so, brings the brand closer to their target market. Moreover, you can see the Christmas designs on the beams- which is perfect for the season. What does it mean to be relevant? Here’s an example. This massive coffee cup display by Georgia communicates what the brand stands for and what their products are. The unity in the display is evident, making it relevant and meaningful.
  • Spice it Up: In our example, Pepsi proudly showed off their logo and other brand visuals in every part of the display- from the sign board to the bumper and wheels. Blue, which is their signature color is also dominant, creating better brand recall. The body of the jeep display is made by stacking the boxes of Pepsi together so when viewed from the side, one can see the products being offered by the brand.
4 Signs Your Business Needs to Update Your Custom Store Display

4 Signs Your Business Needs to Update Your Custom Store Display

  • Make it Engaging: Using promotional shelf talkers and posters create a sense of urgency and motivates people to make a purchase.

Indeed, a good merchandise display says a lot about your company and how you care about your customers. A well-designed POS / POP display not only pulls in customers but establishes trust and reliability. Seeing that you don’t neglect how your retail store looks makes customers feel that, they are in good hands.


Work With ODM

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