Drinking glasses are among the most widely used on-pack promotional gifts by many alcoholic beverage company. Investing in a high-quality logo drinking glass allows them to gain brand exposure beyond shop floors. This is why Trooper, a British beer brand, and Cinzano are currently offering on-pack custom promotional glass.

Logo Drinking Glass

Logo Drinking Glass

Customers will get a free custom beer glass for every purchase of three cans of Troopers beer while Cinzano customers will get a free wine glass.

Logo Drinking Glass

Logo Drinking Glass

Both brands have successfully created eye-catching packaging and on pack gifts. However, we believe that they could still improve their promotions. Here are some of the things we have learned from these brands.


On-Pack Logo Drinking Glass – X Mistakes to Avoid

  • Mixing Products in One Shelf: Here, Cinzano was showcased in a gondola shelf together with other similar products. One good point of this promotion though, is that they were the only brand that offers an on-pack gift. Their black-blue custom retail packaging is also eye-catching. People will surely flock to their shelf when they see the gift that comes with their wine. However, many people will definitely take note of their ongoing promotion if they have a separate free standing display. As FSDUs are generally placed along store aisles, they would be able to attract more customers coming from different sides of the store.
Logo Drinking Glass

Logo Drinking Glass

Although putting the same products in one shelf is deemed cost-effective and space saving, doing so might push your brand in the background. Consider using a custom POS display to highlight your products and ongoing promotions.


  • Don’t Make Your Customers Guess: We love this branded beer glass giveaway as it is nicely-branded. The packaging also clearly states that for every 3 cans of beer, customers will get one beer glass. It is straightforward and is intended for their Spanish-speaking audience. However, if you want to make strongerr impact, make sure that your marketing copy is easy to understand. Aside from your local language, why not add an English translation in order for your customers to fully understand what your promotion is about.
Logo Drinking Glass

Logo Drinking Glass

  • Packaging: The cutout in Trooper’s packaging gives customers a glimpse of the gift the brand is offering. But if you are considering this type of packaging, do add a protective cover to prevent scratches and breaking.


  • Product Placement:  POS displays allow you to position your products in a way that people will easily notice. You can decide how large or how elaborate the display will be. In our examples, you’ll see that they are competing with shelf space with other brands and this may affect their brand performance.


What We Learned From Their Marketing Strategies?

When it comes to their on pack gift products, we can say that Trooper and Cinzano did a great job incentivizing their customers. The free gifts were enough reason to buy their products. There’s no need to have a special reason or celebration to have a sip of their drinks. Just the prospect of getting something in return makes customers excited for their promotions. Therefore, with on-pack promotional gifts, customers will eventually anticipate for their next customer giveaways, making their brand an important part of their life.

However, they need to improve on their in-store advertising to make a good first impression among shoppers.


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