Designing and manufacturing promotional brewery products can be a daunting task. You want to make sure that your merchandise is unique yet practical at the same time. So why not use a custom beer glass? Not only are beer glasses practical, but they also provide great opportunities for brands to be creative in their designs. Here’s a good example:

Custom Beer Glass

Custom Beer Glass

The above beer mug is made out of PS (Polystyrene Food Grade) and Gel to keep the beer cold for longer. Beer brands can use stickers or decals to decorate their glasses. Laser engraving plastic is also a fantastic branding option as this printing method ensures longer lasting prints. However, this will mean thicker material is needed, and this could add weight to your already heavy promotional mug.

Beer mugs are among the most utilized beer promotional products because not only are they useful but the just the sight of this tall mug makes one crave for a good tasting beer. And because our team loves to put a creative spin on ordinary products like this mug, we would love to share with you some useful design tips for creating the best promotional beer mug.


3 Tips for Designing a Killer Custom Beer Glass

  • Consider the Materials: This is one of the most important aspects of the design and production process. The kind of materials will help you to estimate the needed marketing budget. You can use wood, metal, glass, and plastic for your custom beer glass.

While wood looks great and eco-friendly, the only downside is that cracks on the material could become a breeding ground for bacteria and moulds. Metal, on the other hand is a fantastic material, but alcoholic drinks sometimes react with the metal. Thus, affecting the taste. Glass would probably be the best material for your beer drinkware. It is hygienic, keeps drinks cold, and is high-end looking.

Another ideal material would be Polystyrene plastic or PS. Food grade PS is relatively sturdy and when it comes to customization; it’s flexible. Our example is made out of Polystyrene plastic with gel inside to keep drinks ice cold. Because it is durable, washable, and reusable, bars and beer lovers would be able to use it for longer.

  • Innovate: The gel freezer technology is the main selling point of this beer mug. This is great for bar promotions as bartenders need not worry about whether they still have enough ice cubes. Ideal for summer beer promos this would keep beer ice-cold on a hot summer day!
  • Brand Positioning: After taking into consideration the materials and innovative technology you want to incorporate in your beer merchandise, it is now time to plan your branding and overall design. To further keep your brand on top of customers’ mind, printing your logo or brand name on the glass is a must. Or maybe add witty texts for novelty. What is important is that the branding is clear and long-lasting.


Custom Beer Glass to Raise Brand Performance

  • On Pack / Pack Gift: Make your brand stand out on shelves with a branded beer glass as on pack gift. Customers are always looking for affordable deals and on pack promotions provide customers with useful additional items. So the add-ons help pull in shoppers to your shelf.
  • Custom Retail Merchandise: One way to increase sales is to sell limited edition custom beer glass alongside other brewery merchandise during trade fairs and events. By capitalizing on the “limited edition” aspect of the product, you are creating a sense of urgency among beer drinkers and fans of your brand.
  • Purchase with Purchase Promotions: PWP promotions are a simple way to sell more products in one single transaction. For instance, for every certain amount of purchase, customers will get this beer mug with freezing gel at a more affordable price. When placed together with your main selling products, its perceived value increases as well. Furthermore, such useful and high-quality product can be considered as being worth the extra money.
  • Promotional Gift Set: Check out your local grocery stores and you’ll certainly find alcoholic drinks gift sets. Since most liquor products are on the expensive spectrum, it only makes sense to reward customers for making a purchase. This strategy will make them feel that the items they purchased are worth their money. A custom cooler bag with your brand embroidered or printed on the material would make a practical additional product. Brands can also offer a beer mug set consisting of different size mugs for a high-end custom glassware promo. Take a look at these excellent examples:


How Our Team Can Help With Your Marketing Project

If you’re tired of the usual brewery merchandise, you can always count on us to provide innovative design and packaging solutions. Aside from custom beer glasses, our Mindsparkz team has previous experience in manufacturing various drinks promotional products such as branded bottle openers, bottle glorifiers, and coolers.

So, if you are interested in this branded beer mug with gel coolers, do send us an inquiry for product code 2423.

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