POS displays are an effective tool to encourage customers to purchase your products and boost sales. They work by piquing the interest of consumers and grabbing their attention. To differentiate itself from its competitors, Rougié Foie Gras used POS display branding to display its premium products, which is the highest quality of foie gras.

pos display branding

How to Grab Everyone’s Attention with POS Display Branding

In comparison to brands placed on generic shelves, a custom POS display is eye catching and has a greater chance of grabbing peoples’ attention. They can simply select the product from the display to understand more about it.

What We Love About this POS Display Branding…

  • Brand Visibility: The custom POS display is decked out in the company’s signature red color. This increases brand visibility and attracts potential customers as it targets a larger audience.
  • Mascot Usage: The usage of ducks complements the POS display. In addition, using a mascot increases brand awareness. Mascots are memorable and helps the brand to become more recognizable. Not only will they get people’s attention, they will also engage your audience to ensure your brand is on top of people’s minds.
  • Positioning: The POS display is strategically placed on the counter top to catch the attention of shoppers. Therefore, this increases the chance for buyers to notice your brand.
  • Simple Design: The POS display features a simple design and is not over-the-top. In addition, the 3 types of products are neatly arranged on the POS display. Thus, it is easy on the consumers’ eyes and they can look at the products with ease.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The main materials used to produce this POS display are cardboard and plastic. Both materials are inexpensive and require little effort to procure. Thus, it is cost effective and will meet the company’s marketing budget.

pos display branding

How to Grab Everyone’s Attention with POS Display Branding

As you can see, incorporating POS display branding into your marketing campaign will give your brand a competitive advantage over the rest.

Next, we will be focusing on the acrylic duck stands that complement the POS display.

pos display branding

How to Grab Everyone’s Attention with POS Display Branding!

Benefits of using Acrylic Displays:

Besides being light, it is cheaper than other materials such as glass. In addition, acrylic sheets are easy to cut and mould into your desired shapes and sizes. Thus, designers can get creative with their designs. This provides an advantage when you are designing your POS display. Furthermore, acrylic displays are practical and lasting. They are able to withstand the elements and are sturdy. Hence, they will ensure longer brand exposure and visibility, which is good for your brand.

We Can Help with Your Marketing Campaign…

At ODM, we have many years of experience in designing and producing high-quality promotional items and merchandise. Interested in using POS display branding for your marketing campaign? Feel free to get in touch with us and we will be sure to help you grow your business!

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