This inventive LED display advertising by Blanx really gives their white shock promotion a futuristic ambiance which makes this advertisement pop! This extraordinary display is a sure-fire way to boost visibility and rake in the customers!

LED display advertising

LED display advertising

Why is utilising LED display advertising a good idea?

  • Prominence – Customers will find this display intriguing. We’ve all been to the toothpaste aisle and been lost in the sea of similar looking and unoriginal products. This is where this refreshing in-store display sets Blanx apart from competitors! This handy LED light is visible from great distances! Resulting in not only catching the eye of unassuming visitors, but returning customers will also be able to spot their desired Blanx with ease!
  • Innovative – Blanx’s LED POS display is actually very thoughtful. They have incorporated the whitening light feature of the toothpaste as the LED display to highlight the promotion! This ingenious LED display advertising makes Blanx incomparable to other brands of toothpaste! As customers can already see the power behind the LED in the toothpaste on display, they can see the quality of this high-end promotional product for themselves!
  • Tactical – Within this unconventional display is an info card to take away. This intelligent approach is a great example of toothpaste marketing because it does not pressure the customer to buy the product straight away. Therefore, customers will place the card in their handbags or house, meaning they’ll keep seeing it when reaching for their purse or when they are retiring home after a long day at work.  These friendly little reminders will boost brand recall and encourage customers to purchase Blanx toothpaste on their next visit to their local shop!


In Conclusion

As toothpaste is a necessity, many companies do not feel the need to make an effort to impress their customers because, after all, they’ll just buy it. Right?

This is where the big brands are wrong, they assume customers will keep returning without the need for encouragement. However, most kinds of toothpaste are similar in price and serve the same function. Therefore there is not much reason for loyalty. As a consequence, many customers will use substitutes if their usual toothpaste has risen in price.

This is where Blanx has been very cunning by trying to delight their customers with this promotion. This is because the combination of their eye-catching LED display advertising and information cards are atypical of standard toothpaste branding and will spark a little joy in an otherwise mundane shopping trip for many customers. This puts in a divide between themselves and the everyday toothpaste brands. As a result, customers will appreciate this effort to woo them and will reciprocate by buying a packet of Blanx on their next shopping trip!

To summarise, LED display advertising is a great way to market custom retail merchandise and promotional products!


How could ODM help you design your own LED display advertising?

Do you want to stand out from the crowd with a dazzling LED display? Look no further than ODM! ODM has a specialised group of designers that will be able to cater to your various needs. Our team will be able to help you every step of the way to ensure the best experience possible so contact ODM today!


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