In every shopping store, there are countless products vying for customers’ attention. So to make sure that shoppers will only have eyes for your products, you need to invest in a high-quality retail merchandising display that is very engaging.

One good example is Zoff. We love the open display and the use of eco-friendly materials in their merchandising technique.

Retail Merchandising Display

Retail Merchandising Display

Zoff is a Japanese-owned eyewear brand established in 1993. The brand is committed to providing clear vision and comfort through its high-quality and fashionable eyewear. It attracts a huge following from diverse demographics, many of which are youngsters.

Hip and trendy, their retail merchandising display is well-thought-out. Here are the reasons we love it.


Why We Love Zoff’s Retail Merchandising Display

Cohesive Design

We love the use of neutral colors in their display because they give off a high-end and warm feel. The combination of newsprint and wooden trays where the pieces of eyewear sit add a welcoming yet chic appeal. We also love the design of the dump table because it matches well with the overall theme and it is nicely branded.

Retail Merchandising Display

Retail Merchandising Display


Open Layout

In retail, eyewear is usually displayed in a rotating display stand or sometimes in a display case. But Zoff opted for a dump table so that customers would feel free to browse through the products and try some of them. This way, shoppers will not feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the vast collection.

Retail Merchandising Display

Retail Merchandising Display



The logo, a slice of bread, and tagline, “The Best Seeing since sliced Bread” add a fun appeal to the whole ensemble. Doing so makes their brand more interesting in the eyes of customers. And since the tagline is so catchy and funny, it lingers in their mind for longer.

Retail Merchandising Display

Retail Merchandising Display

In addition, the mirrors in the shape of a sliced bread help reinforce the message of the brand. They are cute, useful, and eye-catching.


Zoff’s retail merchandising display for in-store marketing is definitely an inspiring one. It is simple, yet remarkable, and effective. So how can you achieve the same success? Here are simple tips to enhance your in-store marketing display and examples from different brands to inspire you to up your game.


5 Easy Ways to Improve your Retail Merchandising Display

Have a Unifying Theme

When designing your retail merchandising display, it is important to have a theme to ensure the unity of your design. You can work your designs around your own brand, anniversary celebrations, and festivities. This is why seasonal campaigns are popular among marketing managers. Below is an excellent example from Royal Salute.

We sighted this branded FSDU at Duty Zero and the first thing that caught our attention is the effective storytelling done through their display. The freestanding display was done for their annual celebration of Polo.


Consider the Store Space

When designing your retail merchandising display it is also critical to consider the floor space. This will help you determine how big your POS display will be. The use of gondola end cap is such a clever way to maximize the floor area and retail your products. Endcap displays allow the brand to make use of free space around the store. It also offers great branding opportunities as you can be creative with your display. The best part, you own the shelf and not sharing space with your competition.

This amazing end cap display by Sephora in Singapore is a great example:


Be Interactive

Virtual reality and interactive POS displays are gaining popularity nowadays. Perfect for brand activation, these types of displays engage customers on a more personal and emotional level. This is because they appeal to the senses and help them make smart buying decisions. If you have a large marketing budget, do consider incorporating them into your campaign.

One of the brands that had success with the use of virtual reality POS displays is Cadbury. Last time, the world-famous chocolate brand teamed up with Premier League for a state-of-art brand activation campaign. The floor projecting football game can be found in different airports around the world to engage travelers and ultimately convert them into potential Cadbury fans.


This one by NARS is also a good example. They incorporated very useful marketing tools in their cosmetic POS display. One of the things that caught our attention is the virtual lipstick applicator app, wherein customers can try the lipsticks virtually so that they do not have to use the testers. This is really ingenious and perfect for our current situation. As testers may get contaminated from repeated use over time, an app to test the lip shades would certainly help prevent the spread of disease-causing germs.


Consider the Materials

An effective display does not always mean expensive materials. As a business owner, you want to make the most out of your display and marketing budget. As such, it is critical to get professional advice from your POS display designer. At ODM, we can help you choose the most cost-efficient materials and designs that match your budget through product brainstorming.

One of the most popular POS display materials is honeycomb cardboard. The reinforced strength of honeycomb cardboard makes it ideal for marketing cosmetics, confectioneries, and even stationery. Read the below blog to learn more about it.



Variety and novelty are two of the characteristics of a head-turning retail merchandising display. Keeping your display fresh in the eyes of customers gives them something to look forward to. You may find inspiration from festivities and major celebrations such as Christmas and Chinese New Year. Take a look at this advertising display by Sunkist.

Are you ready to step up your retail merchandising display? Luckily, ODM can help you with just that! Our team has years of experience in the promotional product industry and has worked with global brands before.

Our team will walk you through the creative process from product ideation, to designing, sourcing merchandise, all the way down to shipping. We can make simple and bespoke POS displays and custom promotional merchandise and marketing gifts. Get in touch with us today!

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