The Cosmetic Industry is heavily saturated now and it is crucial for brands to stand out from their competitors and attract sales. One way to captivate potential buyers and gain competitive advantage is by having a well-managed Cosmetic Display Counter. In this case, we’re using NARS Cosmetic’s successful POP Display as an example. They’ve made use of Interactive Technology Marketing to amp up their Cosmetic Display Counter.

What is Interactive Technology Marketing?

Interactive Marketing is the individualization of marketing messages based on consumers’ actions. This will be able to provide highly targeted content to each customer to better meet their needs and wants. Merchandisers can make use of the advanced technology today to adjust marketing contents to suit customers’ tastes and preferences.


Why NARS’ Cosmetic Display Counter Is Effective:

Cosmetic POP Display 1

Cosmetic POP Display 1

  • NARS Cosmetics‘ Display Counter has a modern and futuristic look that is extremely distinct. This will intrigue customers to walk towards the store and see what they have to offer. It allows them to stand out from their competitors, gaining them a huge competitive advantage over other others.
  • The Cosmetic Display Counter has successfully grasped the attention of makeup lovers. Besides its bright aesthetics that showcases their lipsticks perfectly, they also have an interactive iPad to engage the attention of potential buyers.
Cosmetic POP Display 2

Cosmetic POP Display 2

  • Many end up not buying lipsticks as they rather not use the testers due to fear of contamination. This Interactive iPad solves all these concerns. They give consumers pleasant shopping experience. The iPad provided at the counter allows consumers to try on lip shades virtually instead of using the actual testers. This might appeal to those who do not want to use the samples provided.
  • This concept will also fascinate those who already have lipstick on and do not wish to remove their lipsticks to try on a lipstick shade. The convenience it provides could be a good selling point.
  • On top of that, the large digital advertising boards at the side present models with NARS’ lipsticks on so consumers could learn more about the product, such as if the product has a glossy / matte finish, and a bright / muted colour.
  • It is also practical for merchandisers to have a Digital POS Display as they are able to easily change the contents without having to remove the entire display. This will allow them to be more cost-efficient in the long-run. Furthermore, merchandisers can also show multiple contents at once because the digital display can show a few contents in intervals.


Possible Improvements?

  • A touchscreen feature can be added to the digital display to better engage consumers. This will build a rapport with customers, as well as a positive experience.
  • The large digital display can also highlight the current beauty promotions or customer loyalty programmes that NARS is offering to attract consumers who are interested in potential savings.
  • A survey can also be given to customers after they have virtually tried on their lipstick shades on the iPad. This way, NARS can have an insight into customers’ demographics and create a more meaningful experience for them.
  • Getting customer information such as phone numbers or email addresses can give NARS an option to send marketing messages to them.

Providing customers with personalised contents based on their reactions and response is a great way to grow your market reach. This makes marketing more effective and efficient towards targeted customer base. It also reduces risk and boosts sales because it focuses on customers’ actions and prospects. This will ensure higher customer satisfaction, thus a higher repeat purchase rate.


How Can ODM Help?

Keen on having your very own Cosmetic Display Counter or an interactive POS display to help you achieve the benefits mentioned above? Free free to contact ODM today. Our team will be able to assist you every step of the way. You can rely on us for high-end custom POS displays and marketing displays and we will guide you from brainstorming to designing, and all the way through sourcing and manufacturing.

One of our favorite tasks is taking on the challenge of manufacturing top-notch point of purchase displays but we can also help with brand packaging designs and high-quality custom promotional merchandise.


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What is an interactive display counter?

An interactive display counter often use Interactive Marketing. This is the individualization of marketing messages based on consumers' actions. This will be able to provide highly targeted content to each customer to better meet their needs and wants.

What are the ways to improve my cosmetic display counter?

-Make it Interactive -Offer Freebies, giveaways, or redemption gifts to pull them in -Make use of new technology -Make your Display as engaging as possible

How much does it cost to customize an Interactive Cosmetic Display Counter?

High-end cosmetic display counters can be a bit pricey, but for a good reason. The price will also depend on the materials and additional functionalities such as LCD screens, wi-fi capability, etc. However, when done right, the benefits will outweigh the initial manufacturing and set up cost in the long run.

Should I use an Interactive Cosmetic Display to Promote beauty products?

First of all, identify your needs, your target market, and for how long the campaign will run for. You want to make the most out of your display. As such, you need to be sure that you will be able to use it for a very long time. This is perfect for trade shows, where first impressions are extremely important.